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What quality tests are generally required for shoe materials -qinsun


Shoes are one of our daily necessities. In fact, a pair of shoes is also inspected and certified by quality. The difference between good or bad is nothing more than quality, so what is the judgment of quality? Of course, shoe detection instruments. A pair of finished shoes include slope, toe, heels, and other parts. Learn about.

1. Basic testing of the upper part

1. Fricate coloring fastness test

2. Twitching test

3. Tension and extension test

2. Basic test of the sole [

1. Folding

2. wear resistance

3. ]

3. Basic testing of the heel

The heel fatigue impact test

4, the basic test of the accessories

1. Inner friction color fastness

2. Inner sweaty solution color fastness

3. Shoes Heel impact

4. Shoe material friction test

5. Basic test of finished shoes

1. Standards

2. Anti -slip: Static anti -slip and hand -type stop slipping

3. Twitter

[ 4. Heel pull off test

5. Accessories binding force

6. yellow resistance test

The quality of the shoes also requires the help of the shoe detection instrument here. The test instruments required for the above shoes include: the whole shoe folding test machine, the laces wear -resistant test machine, the heel continuous impact fatigue fatigue fatigious fatigue fatigue fatigue fatigue Test machines, finished shoe bending test machines, etc., our Qinsun shoe detection instruments are produced and sold, welcome to the majority of manufacturers to come to buy!

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