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QINSUN cardboard tolerance test instrument operation How to use -qinsun


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GB/T450 paper and cardboard sample adoption

GB/T451.2 paper and cardboard quantitative measurement method

GB/T4678 paper, cardboard, pulp, pulp Terms*Part

GB/T10739 Purch, paper and cardboard sample processing and test standard atmosphere

The principle of the cardboard resistance tester:

The sample will be sample Clamp the sample between the upper and lower pinhals with a certain pressure, and use a pouring of the hydraulic pyramid to reappear, and the glue film and the sample are raised until the sample is ruptured. Pocket resistance.

The operation step of fully automatic break -resistant tester:

1. After connecting the power supply, turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on; Automatically enter the test status, that is, 0.00 display, at this time the display is no longer beating; 3. Check whether the thimble of the oil cup is locked. If there is no locking, you must lock it. The gas source can be tested well;

4. Place the prepared sample between the upper and lower pressure plates, and prepare to enter the test; 5. Press the clear zero to ensure that the display is displayed at 0.00, and the display is displayed at 0.00. Press the peak key.

6. After everything is ready, press the motor startup button, automatically press the test sample down the cylinder, and press the motor automatically after 5 seconds.

7. When the test film is ruptured, the display of the ZUI large pressure on the display. At this time, the instrument cylinder will automatically rise and press the motor to quickly decompress; be careful not to turn off the power switch.

8. When the zui high value is retained, press the function key twice, save the ZUI large value, press the following print key, and print out the test value. Note: If the unit's unit needs to be converted, press the unit conversion key to convert.

9. After the cylinder returns, remove the test film, and the test is completed.

10. According to the above 4-9 tests of other group samples, and pre -record, the average value of the same type of sample 11. After the test is completed, turn off the power switch and the power indicator is destroyed.

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