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The specific operation process and precautions of the salt fog test box -qinsun


1. Use the power supply, 220V power supply. The compressed air is pushed into the air inlet through the filter valve of the filter after the 8mm trachea. After the power supply of the air pressure machine is turned on, the air intake pressure is adjusted to 2 kg.

2. Machine water can adopt automatic water adding or manually adding water, and the water pipe is used to connect the water pipe to the water outlet behind the machine.

3. Prepare salt water according to the standard of 5%concentration. Pure water must be used with pure water.

4. After the above work is done, turn on the power switch. At this time, if the machine is not water or insufficient, the low water level indicator will light up. If it is an automatic water added, the water will automatically enter the laboratory or pressure barrel; if a manual water is used, pour the water into the pressure barrel behind the laboratory or the machine. Don't add it anymore.

5. Set the value specified in the temperature of the work and saturation device according to the test requirements. After setting, it is not advisable to change it frequently. Generally The temperature of the device is 37 degrees (positive and negative 2 degrees).

6. When the temperature of the studio and saturator rises to the set temperature, turn on the air source valve. After the power supply of the air pressure is opened, the intake pressure is adjusted to 2 kg.

7. According to the test requirements, set the time required for the test time relay.

8. According to the test requirements, make a test record.

9. Inspect the operation of the salt fog test box, pay special attention to checking whether the salt fog depnting volume is normal (the average value of 1-2 ml is normal per hour). If it is too large or small, adjust the height of the top or spray pressure at any time, and the integrity is normal (at this time, the calculation test time should be subtracted by the debugging time).

10. After the test is naturally stopped according to the prescribed time, the gas source and power supply should be turned off in time to make each system of the test box in static state.

11. At the end, you should first open the ventilation window of the laboratory, and then open the test box cover to let the salt mist spill as much as possible and disappear. After ZUI, take out the change of the sample.

12. Turn off the total power supply in time when the test is over.

13. Open the drain valve of the sealing sink in the upper part of the box, eliminate the accumulated water in time, and discharge the saline in the fog might. At the same time, open the ball valve after the box, and put the wastewater with a water tank in the box.

14. Wipe off the water stains and dirt inside and outside the test box to prevent the long mold after a long time. The ZUI rear cover is covered with a lid to ensure the dryness and neatness of the test inside and outside the test. And extend the service life of the device.

15. Write the test report according to the requirements of the test.

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