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Protective film viscosity test instrument and test method -qinsun


The protective film has a certain degree of viscosity. Different products are suitable for different stickiness protective membranes. When choosing, you must first understand the category of the viscosity of the protective film. Decorative protective film, low sticky protective film, low -mucosa protective film, mid -mucosa protective film, high sticky protective film, ultra -high sticky protection film.

Most of the protective film manufacturers use the following tape tape detection instruments:

1. Holding viscosity measurement

Test the anti -resistance of the sample of the sample Adhesiveness is used to evaluate the durability of the protective film. Generally, 5 groups or 10 groups hold the viscosity tester. The test method: hangs the test board with a sample on the test rack vertically, the lower end suspension specifies the weight of the weight, and the displacement of the sample sticky after a certain period of time is used for a certain period of time. , Or the time when the sample is completely separated to express the ability of the glue stick to resist pulling off.

2. Dipping the test machine

Test the adhesion of the PET protective film on the surface of the object. The stripping force is the force required when the pressure -sensitive material is peeled at a certain angle and a certain speed under a certain condition.

3. Preliminary adhesion measurement

Test the PET protective film in a smaller pressure condition and a short time tape and the adhesive sticky sticky Simple degree of adhesion. Adopt a slope roller. When a brief contact with tiny pressure occurs with a tiny pressure through the test principle of steel ball and pressure -sensitive tape, testing the adhesion of the steel ball to test the initial stickiness of the sample

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