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Several important aspects that need to be understood by buying rally test machine -qinsun


Customers ask more about the price when buying a tensile test machine, often ignoring several important parts of the manufacturer's tension test machine. So what parts should I pay attention to buying a rally test machine? Qinsun instrument talks to you:

1. Transmission, there are screw transmission and rack transmission. High; the latter is cheap, used for low precision, testing repetitiveness;

2. A scion, which has a decisive effect on the measurement of tensile accuracy; Generally, the screw and trapezoidal screw can reach the accuracy required by the soft packaging, that is, 0.1-1%accuracy; of which, the roller screw is high, but the performance of performance depends on the computer servo system operation. Expensive;

3, sensor: The main cost is life, optical induction is a relatively advanced technology, generally more than 100,000 times;

At present, domestic motors are relatively cheaper, but the accuracy is not good. It is recommended that customers choose according to the budget;

5. Codeer: If it is imported;

6. Software and hardware: The tensile test machine uses a brand computer. The control system software is the WindowsXP operating system platform. It has the characteristics of fast operation speed, moderate interface, simple operation, etc., which can meet the test measurement needs of different materials. According to national standards, standards, standards, standards, standards, standards, standards Or the industry standard measures the physical performance test of various materials.

Main standard configuration

1. Three basic configurations of intelligent intelligence: host, microcomputer, printer;

2. If the micro -computer function is strong, you can print directly;

3. In addition, you can also be equipped with ordinary computers;

4. With a computer, you can perform complex data analysis;

Adjustable report forms are adjusted to perform statistical analysis of formats;

6. Equipping the computer, the manufacturer should add the corresponding control system.

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