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Paper and cardboard ring pressure strength test method -qinsun


Our QINSUN brand ring pressure edge pressure test machine is in line with GB2679.8 Cardboard Circle pressure intensity measurement method, GB6546 corrugated cardboard edge pressure measurement method, GB6548 measurement method of corrugated cardboard adhesion strength and GB2679.6 Corrugated Core Flat Pressure Inte strength measurement method and other standards.

There are many customers who test cardboard pressure among customers. Here are the standard GB6546 Corrugated Cardboard Pressure Impressions with you:

This standard is equivalent to using ISO3070 : 1987 Testing of Corrugated Cardboard MDASH; Edge Resistance Pot resistance

1. range

This standard specifies the measurement method of corrugated cardboard pressure strength.

This standard is applicable to the measurement of the pressure of single (three layers), double ascent (five layers), and three ascent (seven layers) corrugated cardboard.

2. Reference standard

The provisions contained in the following standards are composed of the provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards will be revised, and all parties using this standard shall explore the performance of the use of the following standard versions.

GB450-89 paper and cardboard sample adoption

GB10739-89 The standard atmosphere of the processing and testing and testing of paper and cardboard samples

3. Test principle ]

The corrugated cardboard sample of the rectangle of the edge pressure test machine is placed between the two pressure plates of the compression tester, and the corrugated direction of the sample is perpendicular to the two pressure plates of the compression tester, and then the sample is pressed until the sample is under pressure until the sample is under pressure. The sample was burst. Measure the large pressure of ZUI that each sample can bear.

4. Testing instrument

4.1 fixed pressure plate electronic compression tester

This composition is operated by one fixed pressure plate and another direct rigid driver, dynamic pressure plates, dynamic pressure plates The movement speed is (12.5 plusmn; 2.5) mm/min. The size of the pressure plate should meet the selection size of the sample, so that the sample should not be exceeded the board, the pressure plate should also meet the following requirements:


b. The side pressure strength test machine does not exceed 0.05mm horizontally.

4.2 Bending beam -type compressor

This compressor is based on the working principle of the beam, the requirements for the upper and lower pressure plates are the same as the fixed -board electronic compressor. During the test, the scale of the instantaneous momentum should be within 20%-80%of the deflection range of the instrument may be measured; when the pressure plate starts to contact the sample, the speed of the pressure plate pressure should be (67 plusmn; 13) n/s.

When using this instrument test, it should be indicated in the report, and it must not be used to promote ties.

4.3 sample device

The border pressure strength test machine can use a tape or a knife or a mold to prepare the sample, but it must be cut out, straight, and vertically on the edge of the cardboard surface. Essence

4.4 guide block

Two pieces of polished and smooth and conspirable metal blocks, the section size is 20mm times; 20mm, and the length is less than 100mm; the guide block is used to support the sample and use the sample Vertical on the pressure plate.

5. The adoption and processing of the sample

5.1 side pressure strength test machine test is based on the GB450 regulations.

5.2 side pressure strength test machine test sample shall be treated with warm and humidity in accordance with the regulations of GB10739.

6. Preparation of samples

Section of rectangular samples with a short -sized direction as a short side, the size is (25 plusmn; 0.5) mm times; (100 plusmn; 0.5) mm. There must be no indentation, printing marks and damage to the sample. Unless the two parties agree, at least 10 test samples need to be cut.

7. Test steps

The border pressure test machine is tailored and tested under the atmospheric conditions specified in Article 5.2.

Put the sample in the middle of the pressure plate, so that the short side of the sample is perpendicular to the two pressure plates, and then support the sample with the guide block to make the end face and the two -pressure plate vertical. Vertical on the surface of the sample.

The side pressure intensity test machine is motivated to apply pressure. When the pressure is close to 50n, the guide block is removed until the sample is crushed. Record the large pressure of ZUI that the sample can bear, to 1N.

Test the remaining samples according to the above steps.

8. Results

The vertical edge pressure resistance intensity of the border pressure test machine is calculated according to the formula (1). /L

In the formula: R mdash; vertical edge pressure resistance, n/m

f mdash; zui pressure, n;

l mdash; , Mm.

9. Test report

The test report includes the following:

A. The number of the national standard;

C. The standard used in the test;

D. Border pressure test venue of the test machine test machinePiece;

E. The model and pressure speed of the test instrument used;

f. The arithmetic average of the test results;

g.Help the data of the test results.

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