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Cardboard break -resistant strength test standard GB/T6545 -qinsun


1. Scope

This standard specifies the method of determining the corrugated cardboard with a hydraulic increase in a hydraulic increase.

This standard is suitable for corrugated cardboard with a broken degree of 350-5500kpa.

2. Cited standard

The provisions contained in the following standards form the provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards will be revised. All parties using this standard shall explore the possibility of using the following standard versions.

GB450-89 paper and cardboard sample adoption

GB10739-89 standard atmosphere of the processing and testing and testing of paper and cardboard samples

3. Definition

This standard uses the following definition.

Broken strength

Under the test conditions, the evenly increased ZUI pressure that the corrugated cardboard can withstand on the surface of the sample on the unit.

4. Test principle

Put the sample on the splittering test instrument film, clamp it with a sample, and then evenly apply the pressure. Make the sample raised freely with the glue film until the sample is broken. The sample of broken degree is the ZUI large value for the hydraulic pressure.

5. Testing instrument

5.1 Sample clamping system

The diameter of the upper plate (31.5 plusmn; 0.%) mm, lower clip Diphole diameter (31.5 plusmn; 0.5) mm. The upper and lower foldings should be concentric, and its ZUI error is not greater than 0.25mm. The two clips are parallel and flat. The contact surface is uniform during the measurement.

In order to prevent the sample from sliding, the sample clamps should have a clamping force of not less than 690kPa. However, such pressure generally crosses the corrugated sample and should be indicated in the report.

5.2 Plane film

The glue film is round and consists of elastic material. The glue membrane is firmly clamped, and its upper surface is about 5.5mm lower than the top surface of the loop. The glue film material and structure should make the height of the glue membrane protruding the height of the sloping plate and the flexible resistance, that is, when the protruding height is 10mm, the range of resistance is 250-350) KPA.

6. The adoption and processing of the sample

6.1 The sample is performed in accordance with the GB450 regulations.

6.2 The sample shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations of GB10739Temperature and humidity treatment.

7. Preparation of samples

The sample area must be larger than the sloping of the resolution measurement instrument, and the sample must not have watermarks, extracts or obvious ones. damage. Do not use a sample that has been pressed by the pinch in the test.

8. Test steps

Incorporate samples and tests under the atmospheric conditions specified in Article 6.2.

Open the slope of the sample, clamp the sample in the middle of the two sample clamps, and then turn on the measurement instrument to gradually increase the pressure at the speed of (170 plusmn; 15) ml/min. When the sample blasts, read the value indicated on the pressure gauge. Then loosen the clamping tray to return the reading pointer to the starting position. When the sample is obviously sliding, the data should be abandoned.

9. Results

Merit 10 stickers on each side of the posterior and negative side, expressed the arithmetic average (KPA) of all measured values (KPA) Essence

10. Test report

The test report includes the following:

a. National standard number;

b. Sample samples Types, specifications;

c. The standard used in the test;

D. Atmospheric conditions in the test site;

E. Force;

f. The average value of the front and back of the cardboard, retain the three -bit effective figures;

G. Test date, place, test personnel, etc.

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