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Calculation and application method of broken strength -qinsun


More and more carton customers have clearly stipulated the brokenness of the cardboard when the order is placed. If the broken strength of the carton cannot be accurately predicted, it is easy to cause return or excess quality. huge loss. A large number of practices have proven that we can make more accurate predictions of the broken -resistant strength of the carton through the use of the piercing tester and through the experience formula. The principle of empirical formula is that the broken strength of the corrugated cardboard is equal to the sum of the broken strength of the paper, noodle paper, and middle paper.

Formula for Cardboard Resistance Power Calculation:

P 0.92 Sum; Sigma; B


sigma; B is the broken strength of the paper, noodle paper, and middle layers of paper

sum; The storage environment will have a certain impact on the resistance of the broken resistance. Therefore, there will be some errors in the calculation values and real values. After the statistical analysis of the test data, the error is generally within plusmn; 1.0kg. We should also include this error in the scope of consideration when the break -resistant strength and paper configuration are configured.

The calculation method of break -resistant strength:

The calculation of the corrugated cardboard resistance is accurately carried out. In addition to the calculation formula, there must be a set of original paper break -resistant tables to combine to calculate for calculation Essence The original paper -resistant tablet is a summary table for various specifications and branded paper -resistant strength. The more real the test value, the more the calculation value of the corrugated carton to resistance will be accurate. The original paper -resistant tablet is tested and summarized by the internal test of the carton factory. The carton factory without the test instrument can also collect the samples and send it to the special test agency for testing before making the parameter table.

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