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What is the difference between aging and ultraviolet aging -qinsun


The aging and ultraviolet aging of the lanterns are also aging. What should I choose when customers choose the aging test box? Is there any test difference? Let me introduce the main differences between these two instruments, which is convenient for users to choose.

1. The aging of the lanterns is mainly to simulate the whole sun spectrum. The lamp test box uses a tadpole lamp that can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves existing in different environments, which can provide corresponding environmental simulation and acceleration tests for scientific research, product development and quality control. Lantern aging test box can be used for the selection of new materials, changing existing materials, or changing durability tests after changes in the composition of the material composition, which can simulate the changes produced by the material under the sun under different environmental conditions. Exposed through the light and thermal radiation of the arc lamp exposed through the material samples. To evaluate the light resistance and weather resistance of certain materials under the action of high -temperature light sources. It is mainly used for cars, coatings, rubber, plastic, paint, adhesion, adhesion Dose, fabrics, etc.

2. UV aging test equipment is mainly simulated ultraviolet light in sunlight. Ultraviolet aging test box uses fluorescent ultraviolet lights as light sources. By simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight, the material tests is accelerated to obtain the results of the material tolerance. UV aging test instruments are used for non -metal materials, organic materials (such as: paint, paint, paint, rubber, plastic and its products), and inspect the aging of products and materials under the changes in climate conditions such as sunlight, humidity, temperature, and losing dew degree. Get color change and color degeneration in a short period of time.

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