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The role and accessories of the salt fog test box -qinsun


The salt fog test box is mainly used to detect the performance of salt -resistant corrosion of the product, and is mostly used for metal products. A complete salt fog corrosion test box is not just a device.

Salt fog test box and salt fog corrosion effect:

Corrosion is damage or deterioration caused by the material or its performance under the action of the environment. Most corrosion occurs in the atmospheric environment, and the atmosphere contains corrosive ingredients and corrosion factors such as oxygen, humidity, temperature changes, and pollutants. Salt mist corrosion is a common atmospheric corrosion with ZUI. The salt mist mentioned here refers to the atmosphere of chloride. Its main corrosion ingredient is sodium chloride in the ocean mdash; mdash; sodium chloride, which is mainly derived from saline -alkali areas in the ocean and mainland. The corrosion of salt fog on the surface of the metal material is caused by electrochemical reactions of the oxidation layer and protective layer contained in the metal surface with chloride ions contained in the metal surface. At the same time, chloride ions contain a certain hydrophobic energy, which is easily adsorbed on the pores on the metal surface, the cracks are crowded and replaced the oxygen in the chlorine layer, turning insoluble oxides into soluble chloride, making the passivation surface become lively surface. Causes bad reactions to the product.

The necessary accessories needed for the salt fog test box to complete the whole set of salt fog tests.

Round stick: used for placing samples of slices, laying the sample on the round stick during the test, so that the surface of the sample is evenly performed by salt and fog test;

V -shaped sample rack: Also For placing test samples, the sample can be tested to the sample of 15 degrees or 30 degrees;

Glass nozzle: to atomize salt water by pressure to form a spray, spray from the nozzle.

Fully: It is used to collect salt fluid with an area of 80 square centimeters;

Measurement cylinder: Fully collects salt liquid, reaches the metering tube by the silicone pipeline, to determine whether the salt fog corrosion test box meets whether it meets Important items for standards;

Optimonic pipe: used for foggy;

saline barrel: used to store salt water;

saturated barrel: add new air to Temperature and humidification and oil filtration.

Note: Instructions on the salt and mog corrosion test box salt and water: 1. Salt, you need to use industrial salt (sodium chloride), edible salt contains iodine and other impurities; There is no impurities distilled water, and the water contains impurities and is easy to block the pipeline.

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