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What items can be tested by plastic film tensile test machine -qinsun


Our QINSUN instrument specially produced by a plastic film tensile test machine is used to detect a test instrument with physical properties such as thin film, composite film, etc., which is a professional equipment developed according to the physical characteristics of plastic film physical characteristics. Essence

1. The film tensile test machine can test the following items:

① Elastic deformation: The material changes into deformation under the action of external force. The deformation after external force is completely recovered is called elastic deformation.

② Elastic modulus: It is an antigo indicator that characterizes the material to elastic deformation. The value is equal to the slope of the stress-strain curve (the unit is GPA).

③ Symbol intensity: refers to the macro -plastic deformation of the material, that is, the stress does not increase or fluctuates near a stress level, and the sample continues to generate a strain.

④ tensile strength: is the ZUI large nominal stretch stress that the sample is broken, also known as the strength limit. have to.

⑤ Real broken strength: ① Axial stretching load F Deduted by the instantaneous transverse section of the sample to get true stress, it is represented by sigma; T.

⑥ Static and stretching plastic parameter: The ability of irreversible transnational materials before fault is called plasticity. The plastic indicator is a large relative plastic deformation when the metal is broken, and the elongation rate of stretching is usually delta;

2. Test standards for thin film tensile test machines

GB/T 20218 mdash; 2006 The requirements for tear resistance (vertical/horizontal) of bidirectional stretching nylon membranes are ge; 60mn. The determination of the nylon film tear resistance force is determined by the tension test machine according to the Elimodorf method. After the 40 -layer sample is overlapped for testing, the torn fissure force of the sample is divided by 40 as the test result.

QB/T 1956 mdash; 1994 In the right -angle tear strength (vertical/horizontal) indicator of polypropylene plastic film is Ge; 80N/mm, according to the application of the tensile test machine The test method is tested.

BB/T 0041 mdash; 2007 multi -layer co -squeezing the tear strength (vertical/horizontal) indicator of the diaphragm is ge; 100n/mm, ge; 150n/mm, ge; Test the test method of cracking performance.

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