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Packaging and transportation Packaging parts fall GB/T4857.5 Test Standard -qinsun


The equivalent of this standard uses standard ISO2248 Packaging -Complete, Full of Transported Packaging Package Vertical Institutional Plugging Test.

1. Theme content and application range:

This standard specifies the main performance requirements, test procedures and test procedures and test procedures and test procedures and testing equipment used during transport packaging parts during transport packaging parts. The content of the test report.

This standard is suitable for assessing the impact strength of the transportation packaging parts and the protection capacity of the packaging in the installation when the transportation part is impacted vertically. It can be used as a single test or a series of tests.

2. Quote Standard:

GB/T4857.1 The labeling method of the packaging and transportation packaging parts

gb/y4857.2 packaging transportation transportation Packaging parts temperature and humidity adjustment processing

GB/T4857.17 Packing and transportation Packaging Packaging Performance Test Outline

GB/T4857.18 The quantitative data of the quantitative data of the preparation of the packaging of packaging and packaging packaging.

3. Test principle:

Make a test sample until the predetermined height, and then let it fall freely according to the predetermined state and collide with the impact countertop.

4. Test equipment:

4.1. The impact table is horizontal plane, does not move during the test, does not deform, and meets the following requirements:

A. The quality is at least 50 times the quality of the test sample;

b. There must be a large area to ensure that the test sample is completely on the impact table; c. At the level of two points on the impact countertop, the height of the two points is more than 2mm;

d. When the area of any 100mm2 area on the countertop is afforded by 10kg Essence

4.2. Improvement device: During the process of raising or decline, test sample should not be damaged.

4.3. Support device: The device of the support test sample should make the test sample in the required predetermined state before release.

4.4. Release device: During the drop of test samples, the test sample should be made without any components of the device to ensure its free fall.

5. Test procedures:

5.1. Preparation of test samples: prepare test samples according to the requirements of GB/T4857.17.

5.2. Test the number of each part of the sample: Press GB/T4857.1 The provisions of the test sample are numbered.

5.3. Pre -processing of test samples: According to the provisions of GB/T4857.2, select a condition to prepare the temperature and humidity of the test sample

5.4. : The test should be performed under the same temperature and humidity conditions as pre -processing. If you fail to meet the pre -processing conditions, test should be tested under the condition of ascending the temperature and humidity as possible.

5.5. Selection of test intensity: Select the test strength value according to the provisions of GB/T4857.18.

5.6 Test steps:

5.6.1 Lift the test sample to the required drop height position, and support it according to the predetermined state. The difference between its straight and the predetermined height must not exceed the predetermined height plusmn; 2%. The falling height refers to the distance between the test sample when the test sample is preparing to release.

5.6.2 According to the following predetermined status, release the test sample:

A. When the surface falls, the angle between the drop surface between the test sample and the horizontal plane does not exceed 2 °;

b. When the violent fall, the angle between the falling edge and the level south of the level is not more than 2 °. 10%of the angle (based on a large value), the gravity line of the test sample is passed through the fall;

C. When the angle falls, the test sample specifies the face and the angle of the impact on the countertop. The error is not more than 5 or 10%of the angle (with a large value), so that the gravity line of the test sample passes through the falling angle;

d. Both the gravity line of the test sample should be passed, lines, and points through the decline.

5.6.3. The difference between the impact speed when the actual impact speed and the free fall of free falling do not exceed the plusmn; 1%when the free fall.

5.6.4. After the test, check the damage of the packaging and internal materials in accordance with relevant standards or regulations. And analyze the test results.

6. Test report:

a. The name, specifications, model, quantity, etc. of the internal material;

c. Detailed description: the name, size, structure and material specifications of the packaging container; attachment, buffer pad, support, fixed method, sealing, bundling status and other protective measures;

d. Test the quality of the sample and the quality of the interior, with a kilogram;

e. The temperature relative humidity and pre -processing time of the pre -processing;

f. The temperature and relative of the test siteHumidity;

g. Detailed explanation of the placement of the sample during the test;

H. Test the order of the drop of the sample and the number of falls;

i., Types of millimeters;

j. The type of equipment used in the test;

The records of the test results, and any phenomenon that helps to correctly interpret the test results in the test; [[[[[[[[[[[[

l. Explain the difference between the test method used and this standard;

m. Test date, test personnel signed, test unit stamping.

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