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The detection equipment that needs to be used in the plastic industry -qinsun


The application of the plastic industry is becoming more and more widely used. Many plastic industries have come to our company to consult to purchase plastic detection instruments. How to buy a testing equipment that suits them is many aspects that need to be noticed. When buying, you should first use the purpose, and then consider its economy. In addition, the environmental impact and testing methods of testing technology should also be considered and some services after -sales service.

The detection equipment required for plastic materials is roughly divided into:

1. Litto test machine: tested mechanics parameters such as stretching, compression, tearing, and bending of plastic materials.

2. The simplified beam impact test machine/cantilever arm beam impact test machine/hammer impact test machine: can be used for the resistance of the plastic plate and hard plastic. (In addition, it can also be used as a impact test for non -metallic materials such as nylon, glass fiber reinforcement, alien material, ceramics and other non -metal materials).

3. Aging test box: Testing for hot air aging tests for rubber and plastic products, electrical insulation, and other materials.

4. The melting index meter: It can be used to determine the melt flow rate of various polymers in the adhesive state. Under a certain temperature load, the melt per 10 minutes via the quality or volume of the standard port mold. Essence

5. Rubber and plastic low -temperature crispy test machine: The high temperature when the sample is damaged under the impact of the sample under the prescribed conditions, that is, the crispy temperature. A comparative identification of the performance of non -hard plastic and other elastic materials under low temperature conditions can be compared. It can be determined the brittle temperature and low temperature performance of different rubber materials or different formulas.

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