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Carton packaging inspection project and standard -qinsun


1. Appearance test

The appearance inspection of the paper is one of the important testing items. It is generally composed of two pieces of inspection inspection and laboratory inspection. The appearance defect of the paper not only affects the appearance of the paper, but also affects the use of paper. The test standards we use are: ISO, TAPPI standards, as well as SN/T0874-2000 and national standard GB/T1541 dust detection. Mainly adopt light inspection, tie test inspection, strabismus inspection, and hand -touch inspection. The paper is required to be flat and clean, and there are no folds.

2. Inspection of physical performance

Before carrying out the physical performance inspection work, it is necessary to perform constant temperature and humidity pre -treatment of the paper according to the standard. Due to different paper quality The detection items required are different. Here are several types:

(1) whiteboard paper

Good whiteboard paper generally requires tight texture, smooth surface, consistent thickness, paper surface, paper surface surface Can't afford hair, good absorption, small telescopic rate, and can adapt to the requirements of multi -color sockets.

In order to meet the requirements of the box, the whiteboard paper should also have the characteristics of high degree and good folding resistance. The main import countries include: South Korea, Indonesia, the United States, Japan, etc., especially the quality of whiteboard paper in Japan. The detection items include: quantitative, thickness, whiteness, smoothness, cracking long, breakout, discount resistance, glue, tone and IGT, etc.

(2) Crowth card paper:

Crucket card paper, my country is called case paper paper, is one of the main paper species of carton paper. Domestic box paper is divided into three levels: excellent product, first -class product, and qualified product. The texture of cowhide paper must be tough, with high resistance, ring pressure intensity, and tearing degree, and in addition, it must have high water resistance. Due to the different craftsmanship and materials, in general, the quality of most imported psoriasis cardboard is better than domestic cowhide paper, especially the quality of American beef cards is*. The detection items include: quantitative, thickness, tightness, broken degree, break -resistant index, ring pressure strength, horizontal ring pressure index, cracking long, tearing, gel degree, water, banner quantification, horizontal folding resistance and many more.

(3) The detection items for coating cowhide card paper and noodle cowhide paper are referring to pickup paper paper and whiteboard paper.

(4) Corrugated Paper:

Corrugated original paper is one of the important components of the production of corrugated cardboard. The corrugated original paper requires good fiber -binding strength, flat paper surface, and has a good tightening and tightness. It requires a certain amount of elasticity to ensure that the cardboard boxes have shockproof and pressure resistance. In addition, the water index should be controlled, the water is too small, the paper is crispy, and the corrugated processing will rupture; the water is too large, and the paper is soft, which will cause difficulties to the processing molding. The water content of general paper should be controlled at about 10%. Domestic corrugated paper is divided into four levels: A, B, C, and D.

The detection items include quantitative, thickness, tightness, breakout, ring pressure strength, horizontal ring pressure index, flat pressure intensity, cracking long, glue, moisture, etc. The methods used to detect the methods are: GB, SN, ISO, TAPPI, Scan, JIS, etc. Here is a brief example of China's inspection standards:

1.gb/t451.2-2002 Measurement of the Quantitative Paper and Cardboard

2.GB/T451.3- 2002 Measurement of Paper and Cardboard Thickness

3.GB/T453-2002 Measurement of Paper and Cardboard Anti-Tension (Hange Speed and Dutch)

4.GB/T454 -2002 Measurement of Paper Permination

5.GB/T455-2002 Measurement of Paper and Cardboard Tearness

6.GB/T456-2002 Paper and Cardboard Determination of smoothness (Bockefa)

7.GB/T457-2002 Testing of Paper to Folding (Shawber method)

8.gb/t458-2002 Determination of paper and cardboard breathability (Shawbelle)

9.GB/T459-2002 Measurement of Paper and Cardboard Delays

10.GB/T462-2003 Measurement of paper and cardboard water

11.gb/t13024-2003 Box Cardboard

12.gb/t13023-1991 Corrugated Paper

13.sn /T0874-2000 Import and Export Paper and Cardboard Inspection Regulations

The above-mentioned more conventional cardboard paper testing methods, with the rapid development of science and technology and people's increasingly environmental protection of environmental protection Follow, the formal and environmentally friendly directions of the carton are developed in the direction of the paper box.

For example, anti -corrosion, anti -bacterial, oil -resistant, high temperature resistance and other functional paper. Because my country is currently not available to the national standards of this type of special paper, some are being modified and developed. In the process of testing and formulation, the inspection and quarantine departments generally refer to relevant standards, export countries standards, or manufacturers' standards. In addition, some original paper for food packaging carton must also meet the relevant sanitary standards of my country. Thisnow the focus of our inspection and quarantine work, because it is directly related to the health and safety of our people. The main inspection standards involved in these paper are mainly:

1.gb11680-89 Food Packaging Paper Sanitary Standards

2. GB18192-2000 Composite Materials

3.GB18706-2002 Paper -based composite material (roof bag) for liquid food preservation packaging Paper printed and used for food packaging must also detect related heavy metal elements, such as lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, etc.

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