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What technical requirements should be determined when buying a tensile test machine -qinsun


Perhaps some purchasing personnel are not familiar with the procurement of tensile test machines. When we come to our company to consult a tension test machine, they think they are a instrument with the same parameter specifications. In fact, the tensile test machine has a wide range of adaptation. Therefore, the range of tensile test machines in different manufacturers' needs is different, and the results of the purpose are different. Therefore, the following related matters should be paid to the selection of tensile test machines.

1. Ratio range

The force value determines the difference in the use of the sensor, and it also determines the structure of the tensile machine, but the impact of this item has little impact on the price. (Except for door type) The rally range is within 200-60000N. Special high value can currently reach 100 tons.

2. Test stroke

The itinerary is generally 500, 600mm's material extension rate exceeding 1000%, which can choose the performance and requirements of the itinerary 1000 or 1200mm as needed.

3. Specific configuration

Control parts. The attachment is four sets of stretching, compression, bending, and cutting. Specifications are generally divided into hosts.

4. Output results

The tensile strength, fixed force extension, fixed extension force value, and yield strength. Elastic modulus, 8 trials of ZUI. This can be said to be the full result of the ZUI output when the microcomputer is operated.

5. Main configuration

There are screw transmission and rack transmission, transmission. The former is noble, used for high precision, high test repetitiveness; the latter is cheap, used for low accuracy, and low test repetitive. The screw has a decisive effect on the measurement of tensile accuracy. Generally, there are roller screws, trapezoidal screws, general screws. Among them, the roller screw is high, but the performance of its performance depends on the operation of the computer servo system, and the whole price is also more expensive. The accuracy required by a general screw and trapezoidal screw can be used, that is, 0.51%accuracy.

6. Test speed

The interest is low and the accuracy is rough; the latter uses the servo system with noble price and high accuracy. The national regulations stipulate that the test speed is 200mm/min, and there are 0.01 ~ 500mm/min/min of 10 ~ 500mm/min on the market.

Seven, measurement accuracy

Including measurement accuracy, accuracy, speed accuracy, deformation accuracy, displacement accuracy. These accuracy value ZUI can reach a positive and negative 0.5, but for general manufacturers, it is enough to reach 1%accuracy.

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