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What tests need to be done in the food packaging industry -qinsun


GBT1014-2010 Food packaging paper stipulates the classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, and storage of food packaging paper. According to this standard, the physical indicators that food packaging paper needs to be tested is:

1. Quantitative testing: According to the specified test method, the quality of the area of the paper and cardboard unit is )express. Test method: Five sample samples are overwhelmed along the paper to five layers, and then use the HD-A518 round quantitative sampling device to uniformly cut the sample of 0.01 m2 with two stacks. The balance of the degree value, if the sample quality is below 5g, the score value is 0.001g, and the sample quality is more than 5g. Value 0.1 g balance.

2. Anti -tension test: Anti -tension intensity is divided by quantitative, expressed by Newton rice/gram (n.m/g)

Test method: Use standard paper cutting knife to cut 15mm wide samples with standard paper knife , Cut a sufficient number of samples at a time to ensure that the paper and cardboard have 10 effective determination results in vertical and horizontal directions. Then use the HD-A512 computer to resist the tensile tension instrument, adjust the spacing of the chip to 180mm, and then clamp the cut sample between the two chips, adjust the stretching speed to (20 plusmn; 5) mm/min, test After, enter the quantitative sample into the instrument, the instrument will automatically calculate the resistance index. The HD-A512 computer anti-tensor test machine is equipped with a built-in printer, which can also connect the computer to save the data into the computer.

3. Water -absorbing test: The performance of paper and its products absorb water in water, expressed by gram/square meter (G/M SUP2;), it is not applicable to the quantitative below 50g/m subup2; Low or more porous raw paper and flower paper are not suitable for unprooped carton cardboard. Test method: First use HD-A518-1 to take the diameter (125 plusmn; 5) MM's circular sample (5 photos on the front and back), and then use the HD-A518-1 to erect absorbent measurement test. Pour 100ml of water into the cylindrical cylinder and then place the samples that have been called good quality on the ring surface of the cylinder. And the test faces down, cover the sample and clamp it, so that it is fixed with the cylinder. Flip the cylinder 180 deg; open the stopwatch at the same time. At the end of the water absorption*to 15s, turn the cylindrical, loosen the cover cover and clamp the device, and take the sample. Pay attention to the test water for each test 5 times to avoid affecting the test results. At the moment when the water absorption time is reached, the sample that has been removed from the cylinder, the water absorption surface is placed on the pre -paved water absorption paper (quantitative should be 200g/m2 to 250g/m2), and then on the sample Put a piece of water absorption paper on it, and immediately use the metal roller to go back and forth roller once without other pressures.Remaining water to dry. Remove the sample quickly, fold the cotton inward, and then quantize it again after folding again, accurate to 0.001g. Cable value C (Quality M2-before water absorption M2-before water absorption M1)*100.

Four. Tear index test: Tear paper or cardboard for pre-incision to a certain length, paper The tornness is represented by the millonon. Test method: Cut the size of the paper cutting knife to (63 plusmn; 0.5) mm times; (50 plusmn; 2) mm, at least 5 valid tests of the vertical and horizontal direction, and the HD-A801 computer tear measurement meter. The heavier or heavy hammer will be fixed to the initial position and the release mechanism of the plane. Half of the sample is facing the knife, and the other half faces the knife. The side edges of the sample should be neat, the bottom edge should be completely contacted with the bottom of the clip, and clamping the positive. Use a cutting knife to cut the sample neatly and return the knife back to the static position. Quickly press the release device of the lower hem. When it is swinging to the back, grab it gently with your hands and read the data on the display. The HD-A801 computer tortoise metering meter is more convenient and more reliable than the pointer-type tear meter.

V. Broken index test: Disposal with a quantitative breakdown, which is represented by a Knipi square meter/gram (KPA Middot; m SUP2;/G). Test method: Use the HD-A504 paper tolerance to divert to measure, cut the sample into 70mm times; 70mm, enter the quantitative quantitative into the instrument, and the instrument can automatically calculate the break-resistant index. The HD-A504 paper tolerance measurement device is equipped with a built-in printer, which can also connect the computer and save the data into the computer.

6. Dust degree test: On the paper and cardboard of the rice area, the number of impurities of a certain area of impurities, or the equivalent area of the impurities on the paper or cardboard per square meter area (MM2). Test method: Cut the sample with 250mm times; 250mm, at least 4 photos, use the HD-533 dust degree measurement instrument, put a cut sample on the rotatable photo plate, and press the four corners on the board. Check the dust that is visible to the naked eye on the surface of the paper under the sunlight. The clear distance between the eyes when observing the eyes is 250mm to 300mm, and the number of dusts of different areas with different markers circles. Then rotate the sample plate 90 deg;, each rotate, mark the newly discovered dust until the position of the first place of ZUI. Then follow the above method to check the other side of the sample.

Seven, fluorescent content test: The blue light man -reflex factor R457 can be directly attributed to the action of the fluorescent whitening agent.

Test method: Use the HD-A822 whiteness measurement to detect the whiteness of the sample first, and then detect the fluorescence of the sample. The HD-A822 whitening measurement can only measure the fluorescent content of more than 0.2%. If you are lower than this, you can use itDark box -type three -use UV analyzer for qualitative testing.

8. Delivery moisture test: water content during delivery.Test method: Use the HD-A820 paper moisture instrument to detect, and the detection probe can be exposed to the sample.Among them, the water range of candy packaging paper is: (6.0 ~ 8.0)%, and the water range of ordinary food packaging paper is: (5.0-9.0)%.If you need more results, you can use HD-A820-4 halogen water meter.

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