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Calculation formula between tensile strength and yield strength -qinsun


When the tension test machine is tested for the material, the test machine term is encountered in the test machine such as yield strength and tensile strength. Experience operators can easily understand the characteristics and differences between them. It can help users better understand and about the tensile strength and yield strength of the tensile test machine.

The tensile strength of the test machine:

When the steel yielded to a certain degree, due to the re -arranged internal grains, its resistance to deformation was improved again. At this time Although the deformation develops rapidly, it can only increase as the stress improves until the stress reaches ZUI large value. Since then, the ability of steel resistance to deformation has been significantly reduced, and large plastic deformation occurs in the weak area of ZUI. The section of the test parts is rapidly narrowed here, and the neck shrinkage occurs until it breaks down. The ZUI large stress value (B point B response) before the steel is tatto is called the strength limit or tensile strength.

During the stretching process, the material entered the enhancement stage after the yield phase, and the size of the ZUI (FB) that was affected by the horizontal cross section was significantly reduced in the stretch. The stress (sigma;) obtained by the area (SO) is called the tensile strength or strength limit (sigma; b), and the unit is n/mm2 (MPa). It indicates that metal materials resist the destructive ZUI capability under the action of pulling force. The calculation formula is: sigma; fb/so

style: fb-the zUI vigorously, n (Newton); SO-primitive cross-sectional area, mm2. The tensile intensity (RM) refers to the material value of the ZUI high value before the material.

The yield strength of the test machine:

When the stress exceeds the elastic limit, the deformation increases faster. At this time, in addition to the elastic deformation, part of the plastic deformation is also generated. When the stress reaches point B, the plastic strain increased sharply, and a small wave of a fluctuating platform appears. This phenomenon is called yield. At this stage, the ZUI large and zui miniature stress are called upper yield points and lower yield points, respectively. Because the value of the lower bleaching point is relatively stable, it is used as an indicator of the material resistance, which is called the yield point or the yield strength.

The calculation formula of the yield strength: sigma; f/s, of which sigma; is the yield strength, the unit is ldquo; Pa rdquo; Force, the unit is ldquo; Niu rdquo;, for brittle materials, F is the force that the material occurs at 0.2%of the original length of the material. The cross -sectional area, the unit is ldquo; square meter rdquo;.

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