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What are the precautions for the use of the drop test machine -qinsun


After the decline test machine is packaged by the product, when differential, corners, and surfaces fall on the ground at different heights, to understand the degradation height and impact that the product packaging component can withstand when falling falls. strength. The drop test machine has an important test of the product's prevention and loss, and it must be properly used and maintained to ensure its normal service life.

Precautions for the use of the drop test machine:

1. After each test is completed, the drop arm must be dropped to avoid the decline of the falling arm to deformed the spring, which affects the test effect. Each time Before falling, please refge to stop the motor before the rotation can be stopped before pressing the drop button.

2. Single drop test authority adjusts the height of the drop: open the host power supply and set the height of the test required. Press the rising keys to reach the height of the setting; if it is stopped halfway, it must be reached to the set height before executing the reverse running command.

3. Put the measured object on the work table, and then fix it with a fixed rod.

4. Press the rising key of the drop test machine to increase the measured object to the set height.

5. Press the drop key to make the work table out of instantly from the measured object, and the measured objects do free drop movements.

6. Press the reset key to restore the working state.

7. If the double -wing drop test machine repeats the test, repeats the above steps;

8. After the test is completed, press the reduction key to turn on the work table to the ZUI low position to close the power button.

9. After the new machine arrives at the factory installation, the proper low concentration engine oil must be added at the sliding round. It is strictly forbidden to join.

10. Rust -proof oil or high -concentration engine oil and backlog of corrosive oil.

11. If there is too much dust on the oil area for a long time, please reduce the machine to the low part, and after the rubbing of the previous motor oil, and then heavy the oil.

12. The drop -off machine is a mechanical equipment for impact force. When the new machine is used too 500 times, each screw must be tightly fixed to avoid failure.

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