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10 thermal aging test box operation skills -qinsun


Thermal aging test box scientific name ldquo; air -changing aging test box rdquo; suitable for heat resistance tests for electrical insulation materials, gas replacement tests for electronic spare parts, plasticized products, assessment and judgment With the adaptability of use, the samples are determined after the an aging of the air under high temperature and atmospheric pressure to determine its performance and compares it with the non -aging sample performance. Let me introduce the operation skills of the heat aging test box.

10 thermal aging test box operation skills:

1. In operation, unless it is necessary, please do not open the box door, otherwise the following adverse consequences may be caused by the following adverse consequences Essence

2. The box shell must be ground when the test box is installed. If the test box is not grounded, the electric shock will be risk for electric shock once leakage.

3. If the heating test product is placed in the box, please use the power supply for the power supply of the test product. Do not use the power supply directly.

4. Circuit circuit breaker and ultra -temperature protector are the safety protection of the test products and operators, so please check regularly.

5. On any cross -section vertically in the dominant direction, the sum of the test load section area should not be more than one -third of the work section of the place.

6. The heat aging test box is normal when making high temperature and odor exclusion at high temperature in the first week: because the test box is made of lubricating oil on the steel plate when the test box is manufactured, the new test box is used, so the new test box is At the beginning of the use of high temperature, the odor of oil fume is produced by barbecue.

7. After the test is over, do not open the door of the studio immediately to avoid the impact of air -conditioning and thermal flow on the operator. If you must take out the test sample immediately, you must wear insulation gloves to avoid scalding.

8. All samples should be placed evenly, and the placement of the sample should ensure the effective space of the studio.

9. The test work is over. When the test box is required, the total power switch must be turned off.

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