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Why do plastic rubber do an aging test?-Qinsun


Why do plastic rubber do an aging test? Plastic aging refers to the weakening of the performance of plastic raw materials. It may be due to the loss of molecules in the resin that causes the chemical bond in the molecular structure to change. The main reason is caused by sunlight, waste gas, bacteria, and so on. The aging of plastic directly affects the use time of plastic products, so the test of plastic aging test is of great significance!

Atmospheric plastic rubber natural aging test

Atmospheric natural aging test is to put plastic samples to put plastic samples On the exposure of the sun, under the natural climate environment, it undergone the effects of the synergistic effects of a variety of factors such as sunlight, thermal energy, atmospheric humidity, oxygen and ozone, and industrial pollution, and determine the performance changes before and after the test. After the selection of the experimental site in the aging test can represent the harsh area of a certain type of climate, or to be close to the actual application area of the material, the test site should be empty and flat, and there is no obstacle that affects the test results. The test rack should face the equator and angle with the ground 45 deg; When the main performance indicators of the sample have dropped to the actual ZUI low allowable value or a critical maintenance rate, the test party ends. In most cases, the main performance indicators of the sample ended the test when the initial value was reduced to 50%.

Because the process of natural aging is a very slow process, and there is a big difference in different geographical environments, it is difficult to evaluate the evaluation of plastic aging performance. People try to evaluate the aging performance of plastic in a short time, which is to accelerate the aging test. Accelerated aging tests can adopt human light sources that simulate the light lamp, including carbon arc lamps, rigid arc lamps, and fluorescent ultraviolet lights. These artificial light sources will generate much stronger light than the natural sunlight on the ground. When these artificial light sources are used, the condenser simulation of rainfall, dew, etc. and the joint effects of the sunlight are caused by the destruction of plastic.

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