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Why does the material need aging test box for aging test -qinsun


The aging test items refer to the process of simulating products in the actual conditions of the simulation product in the process of aging the production of the product. Hot wind aging.

Through the experiment of aging test box, people take appropriate anti -aging measures for materials aging, improve the aging performance of materials, and delay the rate of aging to achieve the purpose of extending the service life.

The aging factors are mainly due to the weaknesses that can easily cause aging due to structure or internal. Outside or environmental factors are mainly sunlight, oxygen, oxygen, heat, water, mechanical stress, high -energy radiation, electricity, industrial gases (such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc.), seawater, salt fog, mold, bacteria, insects, and so on.

Prevent aging: From the perspective of aging, one main reason lies in the polymer structure itself. Therefore, it is important to improve the structure of polymer to improve aging. The second is to add anti -agent during the processing of synthetic materials. The second is to add anti -agent during the processing of synthetic materials. Such as adding antioxidants to prevent oxygen or ozone, add ultraviolet stabilizers, heat stabilizers, mold -proof agents, and so on. Third, you can also use physical protection methods, such as paint, metal plating, immersed anti -agent solution, and so on.

Kunshan qinsun instrument can provide corresponding aging test equipment such as: yellow -resistant aging test box, ultraviolet aging test box, ozone aging test box, high -temperature aging test box, air -changing aging test box and other test equipment provides need to provide need to provide need to provide need to provide need. Manufacturers for aging testing.

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