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What are the basic detection instruments of adhesive band -qinsun


What are the detection instruments of the adhesive belt? Generally, three tests are performed in accordance with regulations, that is, its initial viscosity, stickiness, and peeling strength. The corresponding instrument is called an early sticky tester, a sticky tester, and an electronic stripping test machine (tensile test machine). Here are 3 test methods for testing instruments of adhesive tape.

1. The test method of the preliminary sticky test instrument

Test samples, fix the rolling equipment horizontally on the preliminary viscosity testing table, use ZUI big ball The steel ball is performed once a roller test. If a sample cannot stick to this steel ball, you can use the ball number less than its steel ball for one test. If you still cannot stick to it, select the small steel ball test. The test results are based on the steel ball.

2. Test method of holding sticky tester

Test the test board with adhesive test board vertically on the viscosity tester test rack, the lower end suspension regulations The weight of the weight, the displacement of the sample sticking to the sample after a certain period of time, or the time when the sample is completely separated, to express the ability of the glue adhesion to resist pulling off.

3. Electronic stripping test machine peeling test method

Test samples, paste the tape on the mirror light steel plate, and crush the roller wheels crushing Several times, the viscosity achieves*effect, peel off the tape to test, and record the test data.

Of course, users can also select the corresponding box tape detection instruments according to their own needs. Interested in Kunshan Qinsun Instrument Company, we are to test the instrument for tape viscosity and consult.

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