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Analysis of the reasons for the quality of the carton


The quality of the carton will affect the sales volume of carton manufacturers, and even about the survival of the entire factory. Therefore, manufacturers must use related carton testing instruments to control the production quality of carton control. Kunshan Qinsun instrument is based on many years of paper testing instruments to produce and sell experience.  1. The size of the carton is inaccurate

The design and processing of the carton are inseparable from the size. The size of the carton is divided into the inner diameter, the outer diameter size, and the processing size. The inner diameter size must ensure the large size of the inner container plus 3-5mm; the outer diameter size must also meet the requirements of the container, train carriage, and truck transportation; the processing size is related to the inner diameter size, outer diameter size, and cardboard thickness. The size is not enough, and it is wrong. The processed carton has become a batch of waste products, causing economic losses.

2. Poor quality of layout printing

The surface of the carton box is printed. Generally, text and digital printing are more paired. First, the upper and lower skew, irregularities, and non -standards, the problems have not been corrected in time, and the lapsee proofreading and errors are not obtained in a timely manner, allowing the product to flow into the market with quality problems, resulting in scrapped the entire batch of cartons. The layout printing is blurred, the color depth is different, and the running version also directly affects the beauty and quality of the carton. The color of the running version is different, mainly because the viscosity of ink and ink is not controlled, the state of ink passes, the state of paper delivery is unstable, and the flatness of the cardboard is not good. The layout is blurred, mostly due to the excessive printing pressure, and the excess printing marks on the layout, you need to focus on control in the printing process. Good print cardboard has a good product as a whole, and it will also be praised by users.

3. Carton shake lid to tear

Carton shake cover is an important indicator of the quality of the carton. The customer's requirements are very strict in use. Fold the inside and outside 180 degrees 5 times, and there must be no cracking inside or outside. This requires the quality of raw materials, not using rough and resistant to corrugated original paper, because such corrugated original paper may cause breaks when the cover cover is folded, which makes paper and cardboard unevenness. It must be controlled by the water content of paper and cardboard to prevent shake cover from broken.

4. Cardboard hair softness, foaming, unevenness

The low strength indicator of the raw materials is the main reason for the softness of the cardboard. , Directly affect the pressure resistance of the carton, choose high -intensity corrugated original paper, can process firm and elastic cardboard.

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