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What is the difference between the pressure test and stacking test of the carton pressure test machi


What are the differences between the pressure test and stacking test of the cardboard compression test machine? The two tests of the two tests are carton compressive test machines. There are some differences in the operation method. They all put pressure on the carton through the pressure plate of the pressure press, but the duration of time is different. Their computing formulas and calculation methods are different.

1. Pressure test

1. The pressure resistance of the carton refers to the collapse of most of the carton under the pressure of most of the carton, which is instantaneous Dynamic load that damages the carton.

2. Calculation formula for corrugated carton compressive strength:

Commonly used K.Q.Kellicutt formulas, MaltenFort formula, Wolf Formula, Makee formula, Australian APM calculation formula, and so on.

Among them, the Karry Carter formula is often used in the calculation of the compressive strength of type 0201 corrugated carton.

Kailikat formula expression:

The Carey Carter in the United States proposed the formula for calculating the compressive strength of the cardboard box according to the pressure strength and perimeter of the corrugated carton

BCT Ect Times; (4AXZ/Z) 2/3 Times; Z Times; J

Bct mdash; mdash; compressive strength of corrugated carton

ect mdash; corrugated cardboard edge edge Voltage intensity (lb/in)

z mdash; mdash; cycle length (LB)

axz mdash; mdash; corrugated constant

j mdash; carton Constant

2. Stacking test

1. The strength of the stacking refers to how long the carton is crushed after the weight of the carton, and the strength of the stacking strength is then It refers to the consistency that the carton can withstand under last static, so the former is much greater than the latter.

2. Expression of stacking strength:

pw (h-h)/h times; Code load kg

H mdash; mdash; outer height CM

w mdash; product weight (product box weight) kg

h mdash; mdash; Code height CM

K MDASH; MDash; The fatigue coefficient of corrugated carton is related to the stringing time

What are the differences between your pressure test and stacking test? There are also questions.Professional answers, while satisfaction.

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