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What are the main parameters for choosing a salt spray corrosion test chamber?


What are the most important parameters when choosing a salt spray corrosion test chamber?
One, salt spray corrosion test chamber
salt spray corrosion test chamberWhat test standards are met: neutral salt spray test, acetic acid salt spray test, copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray test, cyclic corrosion test (temperature, humidity range and conversion time);

Salt spray corrosion test chamberWhat specifications and sizes are required: specify the size, weight and quantity of the test piece;
Salt Spray Corrosion Test ChamberWhich box material to choose: FRP, PVC, PP, 316L stainless steelal;

Salt There are glass fiber reinforced plastics, PVC, PP, 316L stainless steel, etc. on the market for the fog corrosion test box body. Different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, mainly due to its strength, temperature resistance, aging resistance, fire prevention and other safety considerations: the strength of glass fiber reinforced plastics, good temperature resistance, but poor aging resistance, prone to cracking after a long time, moldy and difficult to clean make or even leak; PVC strength and aging resistance are good, but poor temperature resistance, long-term 50 degrees salt spray or 60 degrees It is easy to deform when dry, so it is not suitable for copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test or cyclic corrosion test; pp box has good temperature resistance, easy to clean, not easy to deform, light material, easy toplace and move, but most of them are not flame retardant, when ordering it should be clearly understood; most of the large salt spray corrosion labs are mainly made of 316L plates.

4. Salt spray corrosion test chamber exhaust and tail fog recovery device

Salt spray corrosion test chamberThe exhaust device isSalt spray corrosion test chamber During the experiment, to prevent the pressure in the chamber from being too large, which will affect the experiment caused by the uneven smoke mist. The result is inaccurate; therefore, a reasonably designed salt spray corrosion test chamber should have a reasonable exhaust device and a tail fog recovery device; because the recentThe country has always attached importance to environmental protection, so tail fog recovery devices should also consider


Corrosion in salt spray chambers Under the conditions of the test box!

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