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UV anti-UV aging test machine

Using a fluorescent ultraeternect light similar to the UV segment spectrum than the sunshine, combined with the temperature control, the temperature and wet or other devices,

discolored, brightness, strength, cracking, peeling, powdering, Oxidation and other damaged sunlight (UV) high temperature, high humidity, coagulation

Synergistic action between ultraviolet light and moisture, or ]

Single moisturizing capacity is weakened or expired, thereby widely used to evaluate the weather resistance of material, and the equipment is provided in Yang

light UV simulation, low maintenance cost, easy to use, and equipment use control automatic Operation, the degree of automation of the test period

High, the light is stable, the test results are high.


Third, UV anti-UV aging test machine structure system:

1, inner box size: W1170 Times; H500 Times; D450 (Customized Nonale Size)

2, Shape Size: W1480 Times; H1300 Times; D550 (Customized Nonale Size)

3, Machine Material: SUS304 # Stainless Steel Plate.

4, Specification Rack: UV anti-UV aging test machine aluminum alloy frame frame frame

5, controller: color touch screen program control intelligent controller

6 , Irradiated tube: UVA-340 or UVB-313 8 (optional) 4 faces per surface

7, irradiation: UVA / UVB UV irradiation gauge (optional) [

8, can be two-way online (RS232 communication interface, optional)

9, the power supply leakage circuit alarm control loop overload short-circuit alarm, over temperature alarm, water shortage protection

Fourth, technical parameters:

1, temperature range: RT normal temperature ~ + 80 ° C

2, humidity range: greater than or equal to 90% rh

3, temperature uniformity : Plusmn; 1 ° C

4, temperature fluctuation: plusmn; 0.5 ° C

5, the center distance of the lamp tube: 70mm

6, the test article and the lamp tube Center distance: 50mm plusmn; 3mm

7, irradiation: 1.0W / m2 can be adjusted

8, light, condensation, spray test cycle adjustable

9 Tube: L 1200 / 40W, 8 (UVA / UVB service life 1600h or more)

10, controller: UV anti-UV oldTest machine color touch screen Canada (RUESI3861P) intelligent controller.

11, temperature control method: PID self-correction SSR control

12, standard test piece size: 75x290mm (special specification required)

13, sink water depth: 25mm automatic Control

14, effective irradiation area: 900x210mm

15, UV wavelength: UV anti-UV aging test machine UVA range is 315 ~ 400 nm; UVB range is 280 ~ 315 nm

] 16, Test time: 0 ~ 999H (adjustable)

17, irradiation blackboard temperature: 50 ° C ~ 70 ° C

18, standard sample rack: 24 group midd 2

19, the unit has automatic sprinkler

V. Structural description:

1, the cabinet is made of CNC equipment, advanced technology, smooth line, beautiful and beautiful

] 2, the box material is 1.2mm thick 304SUS Advanced Stainless Steel

3, UV anti-UV aging test chassis in the airway adopts a single cycle system, there is an imported axial fan, improved the flow of the air

;; bright, heating ability, greatly improved temperature uniformity in the test chamber

4, tube: UV lamp, two rows of 8, 40W / branch

5, lamp life: 1600h or more

6, water source and consumption: UV anti-UV aging test machine tap water or distilled water about 8 liters per day

7, in the studio two An ultraviolet lamp

8, heating mode is installed in the heating method, the temperature is fast, the temperature distribution is uniform

9, the cover is two-way flip type, closed easy Since

10, the inner water level is automatically hydrated, preventing the heating tube air damage

11. The sample frame is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy

12, UV anti-UV The bottom of the aging test machine unit is fixed with high quality PU activity

13. Drainage system uses U-type glyphist drainage

14, the surface of the test sample is parallel to the ultraviolet lamp plane

15 Long-term laying outdoors. Ultraviolet rays in the sun need to illuminate their destructive, only a few days or weeks, and the device can reproduce the destruction of several months or years. See if the product has a refund, discoloration, and the brightness declines.Powder, crack, variable blur, embrittlement, strength decrease, oxidation, etc., and it can reproduce the damage caused by rain and dew. UV anti-UV aging test machines are tested by increasing the temperature of the sample to be tested in the interaction cycle of controlled sunlight and moisture while increasing the temperature. (Using ultraviolet fluorescent lamps to simulate sunlight while simulating moisture) by condensation or spraying.

UV (UV) only accounts for 5% of the sun, but it is the main illumination factor that causes durability decline in outdoor products. There are several different UV lamps to choose from, in most cases, only need to simulate short-wave UV light. Most of these UV lamps mainly generate ultraviolet light instead of visible light and infrared light. The main difference in UV anti-UV aging test lamps is reflected in their difference in the total energy energy generated in their respective wavelengths. Different lights will produce different test results. The actual exposure application environment can prompt which type of UV lamp should be used.

UVA-340 anti-UV aging test machine, simulating the choice of sun ultraviolet rays. UVA-340 can excellent sunlight spectrum of critical short-wave wavelength range, ie spectrum having a wavelength range of 295-360 nm, and UVA-340 generates only the spectrum of UV wavelengths found in the sun.

UVB-313 anti-UV aging test machine for degree acceleration test. UVB-313 can quickly provide test results.

UV anti-UV aging test machine standard defines a fluorescence ultraviolet lamp that is less than 2% of total output light energy below 300 nm, is often referred to as UV-A lamp; light energy of 300 nm or less is greater than A fluorescent ultraviolet lamp of 10% of total output light energy is often referred to as a UV-B lamp.

UV aging test machine type

UV aging is divided into demand and demand: desktop ultraviolet aging, ultraviolet weather, photovoltaic ultraviolet, photovoltaic ultraviolet frozen four types, according to The standards for the test chamber are different from the industry different from the industry:

Tablette UV aging: do pure ultraviolet light aging irradiation test

Photovoltaic UV: targeting photovoltaic, solar industry is aging test ]

Photovoltaic ultraviolet wet: suitable for thermal cycling, wet circulation, high temperature and high humidity double 85 test, to confirm whether the components can withstand the negative temperature of high temperature and high humidity, And the fatigue and thermal implementation caused by the temperature repeatedly, and the thermal stress generated by the photovoltaic assembly is exposed to high humidity and the ability to resist long-term penetration of moisture. It is the test equipment of the photovoltaic module industry *.





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