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Small ultraviolet aging test chamber

Test in the moist alternating cycle. Using fluorescent ultrafield lamp to simulate sunshine, dew and

rain are simulated by condensation or spraying. Material aging types include: discoloration, loss of light, powder, crack, crack, atomization, foaming, embrittlement, intensity decrease, and oxidation of


Typically, the UV lamp can be divided into UVA and UVB. The UVA-340 tube equipped by the ultraviolet aging test chamber is extremely high to simulate the short-wave ultraviolet light in the sun, namely the wavelength range of 365 nm to the solar cutoff point 295 nm. The short

wave ultraviolet light occurs in the UVB-313 lamp tube, which is generally irradiated in the upper surface of the earth, so that the degree of acceleration material is aging. However, the

tube may cause non-practical damage to certain materials. The UVB-313 lamp is mainly used for quality control and research

, or a material having strong weather resistance.

Technical parameters:

1, temperature range: RT normal temperature ~ + 80 ° C

2, humidity range: greater than or equal to 90% RH

3 , Temperature uniformity: plusmn; 1 ° C

4, temperature fluctuation: plusmn; 0.5 ° C

5, the center distance of the lamp tube: 70mm

6 The center distance of the test product and the lamp tube: 50mm plusmn; 3mm

7, irradiation: 1.6W / m2 can be adjusted

8, light, condensation, spray test cycle adjustable

9, tube: L 1200 / 40W,; 8 (UVA / UVB service life 1600h or more)

10, controller: color programmable

5.7 inch touch screen Canada (RUERSI3861P) Intelligent Controller.

11, temperature control method: PID self-correction SSR control

12, standard test piece size: 75x290mm (special specification required)

13, sink water depth: 25mm automatic Control

14, effective irradiation area: 900x210mm

15, UV wavelength: UVA range is 315 ~ 400 nm; UVB range is 280 ~ 315 nm

16, test time: 0 ~ 999H (adjustable)

17, irradiated blackboard temperature: + 50 ° C ~ + 70 ° C

18, standard sample rack: 24 group middot;

19 The unit has automatic spray function

Small purpleExternal aging test box is safe:

1, the UV3 lamp can cause severe sunburn or make the eye to produce inflammation;

2, in you use small UV aging test chamber Before, it is determined that the hazards are familiar with this machine;

3, do not open the instrument, unless you are a qualified technician, you can maintain or operate as described in the manual

; Working;

4, must first turn off the lamp before opening or moving the machine;

5 The lamp tube is a high-efficiency generator that produces similar solar uv

;; the light tube requirements, which have the same protective measures like the sun exposure device or medical treatment.

6, sunburn or eye inflammation occurs symptoms (pain, redness, sensation hot) until 4 to 12 hours after exposure,


7, after sunburn or eye inflammation, skin or eyes will be more sensitive to future UV exposure or sunlight;

8, in small ultraviolet aging test case door closure or general When operation, the UV3 does not have UV damage. UV3 UV

;; the leakage portion is still less than the intensity of the sun penetrating the glass; no perceived infrared radiation.

9, UV3 test, do not take the UV lamp for other purposes, when discarding these tubes, it is not allowed to use them without permission.

10, some skin is very sensitive to UV light, some of which is allergic to UV light. Many common drugs will increase your sensitive to UV light

;; sex (including sunlight) NS.

11, UV3 test, do not take the UV lamp for other purposes. When these tubes are discarded, they are not allowed to use them. In order to

;; forbidden it, use Pliers remove the contact needles of the lamp (do not break the tube). Theud tube cannot be used to promote plant growth or

;; Other purposes.

Small ultraviolet aging test chamber adopts fluorescent UV The lamp is the light source, by simulating ultraviolet radiation, rain, cold

; condensation, temperature and humidity environment, to obtain weather resistance to weather resistance.

Small ultraviolet aging test chamber is suitable for non-metal materials, organic materials (eg coatings, paints, rubber, plastic and products)

, etc. in sunlight, rain, humidity, temperature, Changes in climatic conditions such as gellation test

Blur, embrittlement, strength decrease, and oxidation.

It takes only a few days or weeks, and the small ultraviolet aging test chamber can reproduce the damage generated by several months or years in the outdoors

. The damage caused by mainly involves fading, discoloration, brightness, pulverization, cracking, variation, embrittlement, intensity decrease, and

; oxidation. The test data provided by the device is a great help for the choice of new materials, improved or evaluation of existing materials

; constitutive changes. Small ultraviolet aging test chamber can excellent predicting products will be encountered outdoors


Small UV aging test box electric safety:

1, in order to ensure the safety of equipment and test, install external protection grounding, and supply power according to the equipment nameplate.

2, non-professional maintenance personnel must not be disassembled, self-modified equipment

3, after reading the documents attached in detail, the operator can operate the equipment;

4, Do not open the cover or side panel in a small ultraviolet aging test box, so as not to cause ultraviolet injury and burns;

5, when the test is completed, the equipment must be in the downtime, and the protective gloves must be taken. To put the product;

6, equipment is equipped with a variety of protection measures, such as leakage circuit breakers, circuit breakers provide native test products and operators' safety insurance

;; care, Regular examination per month;

7, if small UV aging test box users can operate in accordance with the operating instructions per month, manufacturers pay attention to the consequences

;;, only transport In the process, the machine has failed, and the manufacturer will be responsible for the faulty component or part.





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