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Manufacturers of ozone aging test chambers explain the factors that cause rubber aging


Ozone aging test chamber manufacturers explain the factors that cause rubber aging 2. Heat: Increasing temperature can cause thermal cracking or thermal cross-linking of rubber But the basic أدوات

is to break the molecular chain, but the effect of ozone on the rubber depends on whether the rubber is deformed or not only an oxide film is formed on the surface without cracking; 4. Light: The shorter the light wave, the greater the energy; destructive effect on rubber are the higher energy ultraviolet rays, and the rubber produces free radicals due to the absorption of light energy, which initiates the oxidation and accelerates the chain reaction process,) is that itornately grows on the rubber surface; for samples with a high rubber content, network cracks will appear on both sides 5. Moisture: The effect of moisture has two aspects: the rubber is exposed to rain or soaked in humid airWhen soaked in water, it is easy to break, thisdue to the water-soluble substances and hydrophilic groups in the rubber Caused by water extraction and dissolution, hydrolysis or absorption, etc. Especially under the alternating action of water 6. Oil: If it is in contact with the oil medium for a long time during use, the oil may penetrate in the rubber to cause swelling, resulting in the reduction of strength and other mechanical properties of the rubber< 7. Mechanical stress: under mechanical stress Under repeated action, the molecular chain of the rubber will be broken The above 8 points are all factors that cause rubber aging. Their main manifestations areInspection box is based on these factors to accelerate the simulated environment of rubber and test its weatherability
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