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UV UV aging box manufacturers


UV ultraviolet aging box can simulate ultraviolet, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness, etc. in natural climate, and reproduce these conditions by

, combined into a cycle, and let It automates the completion of the loop. Thisthe principle of working principle of

of the ultraviolet aging test chamber. In this process, the device can automatically monitor the temperature and water tank temperature; by configuring the irradiance measurement and control

device (optional), the light radiation illuminance can be measured and controlled, and the irradiance Stable at 0.76W / m2 / 340 nm or set

, and greatly extends the life of the lamp.

UV ultraviolet aging box box structure:

1, the outer material can be selected from high quality SUS304 stainless steel or fine powder paint;

2, the opening of the test chamber housing is opened at all open devices, which is convenient.

3, the liner material uses imported SUS stainless steel plate;

4, 4 UVA-3

40 UV tube in the top of the studio; ] 5, the experimental partial lid is a single-sided flip type, and the opening and closing is relaxed;

6 Talk to everyone UV UV aging box content:

1. Equipment insulation performance must be better. This must be aware of the insulation store, and each manufacturer of equipment will do.

;;;;;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The amount output.

2, the cycle fan in the runtime must be operational, which is also one

;; block. Thismore intuitive in this regard, see which device's overall air supply motor power is smaller, the higher the energy saving (in


3, the use of the equipment should be clear on the problem of equipment, and it cannot be casually said that it is confused to the designer, which increases energy

For a few more, it is a specific size device. If it is designed according to 50 degrees, it may be

;;1.5 kW heating. This


Model: ZT-UV-50S

1, inner box size: W1170 Times; H500 Times; D450; (Customized non-standard size)

2, Dimensions: W1480 Times; H1300 Times; D550 (available non-standard size)

3, machine material: SUS304 # stainless steel plate.

4, Specification frame: UV anti-UV aging test machine aluminum alloy frame Frames Video

5, controllers: color touch screen program-controlled intelligent controllers

6, irradiated lamps: UVA-340 or UVB-313 8 (optional) each side 4 A total of 2 sides

7, irradiation: UVA / UVB UV irradiation gauge (optional)

8, two-way online (USB, RS-232, LAN communication interface,)

9, the power supply leakage circuit is controlled circuit overload short circuit alarm, over temperature alarm, water shortage protection

Technical parameters:

1, temperature range: RT normal temperature ~ + 80 ° C

2, humidity range: greater than or equal to 90% rh

3, temperature uniformity: plusmn; 1 ° C

4, temperature fluctuation: plusmn; 0.5 ° C

5, the center distance of the lamp tube: 70mm

6, the center distance of the test article and the lamp tube: 50mm plusmn; 3mm

7, irradiance: 1.0W / m2 can be adjusted

8, light, condensation, spray test cycle adjustable

9, tube: L 1200 / 40W, 8 (UVA / UVB life 2000h or more

10, controller: UV anti-UV aging test machine color touch screen Canada (RUESI3861P) intelligent controller.

11, temperature control method: PID self-correction SSR control

12, standard test piece size: 75x290mm (special specification required)

13, sink water depth: 25mm automatic Control

14, effective irradiation area: 900x210mm

15, UV wavelength: UV anti-UV aging test machine UVA range is 315 ~ 400 nm; UVB range is 280 ~ 315 nm

] 16, Test time: 0 ~ 999h

17, irradiation blackboard temperature: 50 ° C ~ 70 ° C

18, standard sample rack: 24 group midd 2;








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