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UV Anti-UV climate box


UV anti-UV climate box using a fluorescence ultraviolet lamp similar to the UV segment spectrum in the sun, and combined with a temperature control device to cause discoloration, brightness, strength, cracking, peeling, powder, oxidation, etc. Damage sunlight (UV segment) high temperature dark cycle, etc. The equipment has a sunshine UV simulation provided, and the use maintenance cost is low. It is easy to use. The equipment is automatically operating, the test cycle is high, the light is stable, and the test results are high.

II, Model: ZT-UV-50A

Third, Structural Material:

Fourth, the main technical indicators:;

UV Fluorescent lamp: 40W Times; 4;

;; UV fluorescent tube: Import UVA-340

Temperature range:; normal temperature RT ~ + 70 ° C; [ temperature uniformity: plusmn; 2 ° C;

radiation time set value:; 0 ~ 999 hours 59 minutes;

Heater Power:; 500W;

Inside the material:; SUS304 # stainless steel plate

outer box material:; SUS304 # stainless steel plate

Inside the size:; W550 Times; H350 Times; D400MM; (can be customized as required);

Overseas size:; W750 Times; H650 Times; D650mm

control : China Taiwan imported Double digital display (or) Canadian imported touch controller (optional)

Total power:; 0.7; kw;

zui Large current:; 4.2; A

electric; source:; AC1 PHI; 3W; 22050Hz PLUSMN; 10% ;;

V. Structural description:

1, the box is produced by the CNC equipment, the process is advanced, the line is smooth, beautiful and beautiful

2, the box is 1.2mm thick 304SUS high-grade stainless steel

3, the inner airway is used in a single cycle System, there is an imported axial fan, improved the fluging of air, heated

;; capability, greatly improved temperature uniformity in the test chamber

4, lamp tube : UV lamp, two rows of 4, 40W / branch

5, tube life: 1600h or more

6, 4 UVA or UVB ultraviolet lamp

7, heating mode is in the workplaceFast temperature, temperature distribution uniform

8, the lid is two-way flip type, closed easy to completely

9, the bottom of the unit is fixed with high quality PU-fixed

Sixth,Safety protection device:

1, ground protection

2, power supply overload short-circuit breaker

3, control circuit overload, short-circuit fuse

4,Super temperature protection



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