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UV weather resistance test chamber


type ratio of UV segment spectroscopy in the sun, and combined with temperature control, water supply, or wet, etc., to cause discoloration, brightness, intensity, crack, peeling, powder, oxidation, etc. Sunshine (UV section) high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark rain cycle and other factors, simultaneous synergies between ultraviolet light and moisture make the material single light resistance or single moisturizing capacity or fail, thereby widespread The evaluation of the weather resistance of material, the equipment is provided with the sunshine UV simulation, the maintenance cost is low, easy to use, the equipment is automatically operated, the test cycle is high, the lighting is good, the test results are high .

Second, UV weather resistance box model: ZT-UV-50S

Third, structural materials

1, inner box size: W1170 Times; H500 Times; D450 ( Customized non-standard size)

2, Shape size: W1480 Times; H1300 Times; D550 (available non-standard size)

3, machine material: SUS304 # Stainless steel plate.

4, sample rack: aluminum alloy frame frame frame

5, controller: color touch screen program control intelligent controller

6, irradiation lamp: UVA-340 Or UVB-313 8 (optional) 4 more than 2 faces

7, irradiation: UVA / UVB UV radiometer (optional)

8, can be two-way Online (RS232 communication interface, optional)

9, power supply leakage circuit alarm control loop overload short circuit alarm, over temperature alarm, water shortage protection

4, technical parameters

] 1, temperature range: RT normal temperature ~ 70 ° C

2, humidity range: greater than or equal to 90% RH

3, temperature uniformity: plusmn; 1 ° C

4, temperature fluctuation: plusmn; 0.5 ° C

5, the center distance of the lamp tube: 70mm

6, the center distance of the test article and the lamp tube: 50mm plusmn; 3mm

] 7, irradiance: 1.6W / m2 can be adjusted

8, light, condensation, spray test cycle adjustable

9, tube: l 1200 / 40W, 8 Branch (UVA / UVB life 1600h)

10, controller: color touch screen Canada (RUERSI5461P) intelligent controller.

11, temperature control mode: PID self-improvement SSR control

12, standard test piece size: 75x290mm (special specification required)

13, sink water depth: 25mm automatic control

14, effective irradiation area: 900x210mm

15, UV wavelength: UVA range is 315 ~ 400 nm, UVB range is 280 ~ 315 nm

16, test time: 0 ~ 999h (adjustable)

17, irradiation chalkboard temperature: 50° C ~ 70 ° C

18, standard sample rack: 24 group middot;

19, unit has automatic spray function

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