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UV light aging test chamber


using a fluorescence ultraviolet lamp of the UV segment spectrum in the sun, combined with the temperature control, the temperature and moisture, etc. Oxidation and other damaged sunlight (UV) high; temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark window cycle, etc. Failure, thus widely used to evaluate the weather resistance of material resistance, equipment; with the provided sun UV simulation, low maintenance cost, easy to use, automatic operation, high test cycle, good light, test results High reproducibility.

II, Model: ZT-UV-50S

Third, Structural Material:

1, Inner Box Size: W1170 Times; H500 Times; D450 ;Custom-made non-standard size)

2, Shape size: W1480 Times; H1300 Times; D550 (can be customized non-standard size)

3, machine material: SUS304 # Stainless steel plate

4, Trial; Sample; Rack: Aluminum Alloy Frame Brade Video

5, Control; System; Merometer: Color Touch Screen Smart Program Controller

6, Irradiation tube: UVA-340 or UVB-313; 8 (optional) for 4 faces

7, radiation; photo; design: UVA / UVB UV irradiation With)

8, can be two-way online (RS232 communication interface, optional)

9, power supply leakage circuit alarm control circuit overload short circuit alarm, over temperature alarm, water shortage protection

Four, UV aging gauge / UV photographic test chamber Technical parameters:

1, temperature range: RT normal temperature ~ + 70 ° C

2, light cycle temperature: 45 ~ + 70 ° C

3, condensation cycle temperature: 40 ~ + 60 ° C

4, humidity range: greater than or equal to 90% RH

5, temperature uniformity: plusmn; 2 ° C

6, temperature fluctuation: plusmn; 0.5 ° C

7, the center distance of the lamp tube: 70mm

8, the center of the tested product and the lamp tube Distance: 50mm Plusmn; 3mm

9, irradiation: 1.5W / m2 (adjustable)

10, light, condensation, spray test cycle

11, tube: L 1200 / 40W, 8 (UVA-340 / UVB-313 service life is more than 1600h)

12, the controller : Color Touch Canada (RUERSI3861P) Intelligent Controller.

13, temperature control method: PID self-correction SSR control

14, standard test piece size: 75x290mm (special specification required)

15, sink water depth: 25mm automaticControl

16, effective irradiation area: 900x210mm

17, UV wavelength range:

UVA-340 Range 290 ~ 400 nm Simulation solar short-wave ultraviolet light to sunlight cutoffPoint wavelength.

UVB-313 Range 280 ~ 351NM is mainly used for quality control research and development, or a material measurement of high weather resistance.; ;;

18, test time: 0 ~ 999h

19, irradiation blackboard temperature: + 50 ° C ~ + 70 ° C

20, standard sample rack: 24 groups middot;

21, the unit has automatic spray function

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