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Xenon lamp aging test machine applicable lamp and the reasons for yellowing and blackening


Most of the light sources in the xenon lamp aging tester use the xenon lamp tube, because the spectrum emitted by the xenon lamp is very close to sunlight, most laboratories use it as a simulated outdoor light source for aging testing on industrial products.

The difference between ultraviolet fluorescent lamps and xenon lamps is that the power is limited, and ultraviolet fluorescent lamps are generally 5~100W. And the power of the xenon lamp can range from 10,000W to hundreds of thousands of W. The working temperature of the xenon lamp is very high, and it cannot be cooled by natural cooling alone, nor is it necessary to require forced cooling, and air-cooled or water-cooled can be used. That is why there are air-cooled xenon lamps and water-cooled xenon lamps on the market. The luminous efficiency of xenon lamps is higher, about 24~37 lumens/watt, and the luminous efficiency of water-cooled xenon lamps can be up to 60lumens/watt, and the general life can be up to 3000 hours.

A 50,000-watt xenon lamp emits as much light as 1,000 100-watt fluorescent lamps or 90 400-watt high-pressure mercury lamps. Because the xenon lamp tube emits light near sunlight, the xenon lamp aging test chamber can be used for color detection of substances, medicine, plastic aging test, paint surface aging test, as an artificial aging light source, to simulate sunlight and so on.

In addition, the xenon lamp tube is very important, and it is also a consumable item. Normal use is about 1200 hours. The xenon lamp aging box is divided into two cooling methods: water cooling and air cooling. Water cooling requires a water source, which is very important for water quality and water flow. Poor water quality or insufficient water flow will cause de xenon lamp turns yellow and black.

1. The water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber uses high-pressure inert gas xenon as the discharge medium and excites the luminous lamp. The structure is a coaxial inner tube and outer tube. The inner tubeLab

is the wick of the xenon lamp and cooling water is passed between the inner tube and the outer tube. The xenon lamp is similar to the solar spectrum, and the water-cooled long arc DC xenon lamp can be strongly dimmed from 1 to 100, and the spectral distribution and color temperature are essentially unchanged. It can be used in color inspection, textile coating aging, solar cell detection, photochemical reaction, etc. Multiple fields.

2. The long arc water cooled xenon lamp is a high pressure discharge lamp and should therefore be handled with care to avoid impact. When installing and debugging, personnel must wear protective masksand wear gloves to prevent strong light and strong ultraviolet rays from burning the skin and eyes.

3. The long arc water-cooled xenon lamp can be installed horizontally or vertically. Special attention: the anode of the DC xenon lamp is large in cylindrical shape and connected with positive electricity, and the cathode of the DC xenon lamp is small and conical in shape to connect with negative electricity. When connecting the electrode leads of the xenon lamp, do not apply force to the lamp base of the xenon lamp to prevent the lamp base of the xenon lamp from breaking.

4. The power supply matching the long arc water cooled xenon lamp should adopt a power supply with low current ripple coefficient and small starting current to ensure and prolong the service life of the lamp.

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