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The reason why the xenon lamp tube turns yellow and black in the xenon lamp aging test chamber


The xenon lamp tube is a very important accessory of the water-cooled xenon lamp aging tester, and it is also a consumable. Normal use is about 1200 hours. The xenon lamp aging box is divided into two cooling methods: water cooling and air cooling. Water cooling requires a water source, which is very important for water quality and water flow. Poor water quality or insufficient water flow will cause the xenon lamp tube to turn yellow and black.

1. The water-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber uses high-pressure inert gas xenon as the discharge medium and excite the luminescent lamp. The structure is a coaxial inner tube and outer tube. The inner tube is The wick of the xenon lamp is connected with cooling water between the inner tube and the outer tube. The xenon lamp is similar to the solar spectrum, and the water-cooled long arc DC xenon lamp can be strongly dimmed from 1 to 100, and the spectral distribution and color temperaturer are essentially unchanged. It can be used in color inspection, textile coating aging, solar cell detection, photochemical reaction, etc. Multiple fields.

2. The long arc water cooled xenon lamp is a high pressure discharge lamp and should therefore be handled with care to avoid impact. When installing and debugging, staff should wear protective masks and gloves to prevent strong light and strong ultraviolet rays from burning the skin and eyes.

3. The long arc water-cooled xenon lamp can be installed horizontally or vertically. Special attention: the anode of the DC xenon lamp is large in cylindrical shape and connected with positive electricity, and the cathode of the DC xenon lamp is small and conical in shape to connect with negative electricity. When connecting the xenon lamp electrode leads


the header mayof the xenon lamp to avoid damaging the xenon lamp head.

4. The power supply supplied with the long arc water-cooled xenon lamp should use a power supply with a low current ripple coefficient and a small starting current to ensure and extend the life of the lamp.

The research and development engineer of our company QINSUN Instruments Co., Ltd. said some precautions are needed when replacing the xenon lamp tube.

1. The quartz shell should be kept clean and free of debris. Of course, before lighting it must be wiped with alcohol cotton.

2. The xenon lamp is filled with gas under high pressure. Avoid collisions during loading, unloading, transportation and installation. When working, it should be placed in a cover with good heat dissipation. , to avoid explosions, strong light and strong ultraviolettte rays burn the skin and eyes.

3. In the case of large current, the lamp base and the lamp holder should make good contact, and the contact point should be kept clean during use.

4. The xenon bulb must be used in conjunction with its dedicated DC power supply and trigger. When burning, the working current must be within the specified range, otherwise it will affect the life of the lamp.

Therefore, when replacing the tube of the xenon lamp, treat it one by one according to the above precautions, according to the analysis of each step and the test in the xenon lamp aging test chamber The condition that can be presented will be more accurate and stable than imagined.

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