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GB / T1865-2009 Test standard


1 Range

GB1865 specifies the resistance to the evaluation of the color paint and varnish and related product coatings Close or through artificial radiation exposure to the test method of its light resistance. The most important parameters are described and the conditions to be used in the exposure device are specified.

GB1865 is suitable for artificial acceleration assays for weather resistance and light resistance of paint film.

2 Reference Standard

The following criteria include the provisions of GB1865 by reference in GB 1865. GB1

When published, the version shown is valid. All standards will be revised, and all parties using GB1865 should explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards.
GB / T1765-79 (89) Determination of paint film preparation method of moisture resistance, salt fog, weather resistance (artificial acceleration)

GB / T1766-95 Paint and varnish coating Aging rating method

GB3186-82 (89) Sampling of coating products

UV GB6682-92 Analysis laboratory water specifications and test methods

GB / T9271-88 color paint And varnish standard test plates (EGV ISO1514: 1984)

452.2-92 Determination of color paint and varnish film thickness [EGV ISO2808: 1974)

3 Definition

GB1865 uses the following definition

3.1 aging: Coating is exposed to artificial climate aging or artificial radiation until the changes in various performance during certain aging indicators.

Note: A measure of aging is less than 400 two wavelengths or exposure radiation in the specified wavelength, such as 340-. After the artificial climate aging or manual radiation, the aging condition of the coating depends on the type of coating, the conditions of coating exposure, the degree of coating performance items selected by the aging process and the level of performance.

3.2 Exposure radiation energy H: Test plate has been used as a measure of exposed radiation energy, which can be calculated by formula (1):

h EDT (1)

The e-irradiance (W / m2);

T-exposure n (s);

H-exposed radiation energy (J / M2).

If the irradiance E is constant throughout the exposure time, radiation exposure h can be easily obtained by the product of E and T

3.3 aging indicators: A given degree aging, stipulates or agreed to the degree of change in the test coating in some selected performance.

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