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Control Humidity Corrosion Acceleration Test Catch Seminar


In order to improve fuel efficiency and improve the performance of electric vehicle batteries, the automotive industry is turning to lightweight materials, and the use of aluminum alloy is increasing because the strength of the aluminum alloy is high and the weight is light. When the aluminum alloy replaces the steel, the anti-corrosion performance of the car must be reassessive, and in many cases it needs to be redesigned.

Q-FOG circulating corrosion salt hangbox spray function

QSQSQ-lab will introduce a new The development and test results of the aluminum alloy test method, the process and the outdoor corrosion test are unparalleled.

By combining a variety of methods, the corrosion acceleration test (CATCH) conditions developed by SAE China cooperate with the humidity control (CATCH) were superior to other well-known

. UV

The body was corroded

In this free network seminar, the results of two major corrosion studies during CATCH development will be introduced.

The first study includes more than 1,000 samples, representing 5000 and 6000 series aluminum, three types of pretreatment, three types of electrophoretic coatings, or without paint. This study has a good correlation with two types of outdoor tests.

The second study was established based on the first study, and the test speed was improved while maintaining a good correlation.

September 15, 2021 (Wednesday) 10:00 am

Seminar Theme: Car aluminum Control Humidity Corrosion Acceleration Test (CATCH)

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free [

Organizer US QSQSQ-lab Company: A global material durability test product supplier. The ultraviolet aging test machine, xenon lamp testing machine, salt spray test machine is currently the highest-ended auditory experimental instrument, especially its QUV is the world's most widely aging test machine. Qinsun is QSQSQ-lab in China and Southeast Asia industry distributors.

Qinsun is a designated agent of QSQSQ-lab in China and Southeast Asia. Fully support this seminar.

Sunny Sun US QSQSQ-lab Shanghai Representative Office Technical Manager, Master of Science

Ms. Sun participated in plastics, paints, textiles, cars,More than 10 national standards, industrial standards, group standards related to weathering, industry standards, and group standards, and published more than 20 related technical papers.Is GB / T 32088 Automotive Non-Metal Parts and Material Xenon Speed Acceleration Aging Test Method, T / CSAE 71-2018 Automotive Parts and Material Circulating Corrosion Test Methods and other main drafters.

Please sweep the QR code (you can also directly call [400-6808-138], after the registration is successful, you will receive the systemRegistration success mail, the only participation link in the message, after 9:45 am on September 15 (Wednesday), click on the link to enter the venue.Looking forward to your participation!

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