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Network Seminar Automobile Circulating Corrosion Test Standard GMW14872 full interpretation!


GMW 14872 is developed based on the circulating corrosion test of General Motors, and is currently the latest laboratory acceleration cycle of General Motors


. The GM 9540p is widely used, in particular, in innovative introduction of the spray (non-spray) salt solution is applied, but in the test, the sample needs to be artificially inverted.

Q-FOG CRH Saline spray function

GMW 14872 utilizes the development of corrosion test box technology, including relative humidity such as Q-FOG CRH circulating corrosion box Visual control. It uses a shower spray instead of spray (FOG), and has a sufficient time between 50-80% relative humidity, using road-gum snow agent formula as a salt solution, also required to use standards Corrosive plates perform weight loss and the like.

These methods can get a more reliable and high repetitive test results, better simulate natural atmospheres, but also require operators to understand the standard itself.

Q-FOG CRH circulating corrosion salt spray test chamber

Q-FOG CRH circulating salt spray corrosion test chamber

In this seminar, we will detail how to correctly perform GMW 14872 in the Q-Fog CRH salt spray box.

Network Seminar Time:

On July 15th, 2021 (Thursday) 10:00 am

Seminar Theme:

How to run GMW correctly 14872 laboratory accelerated circulation corrosion test

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