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register now!Q-Sun xenon lamp accelerated aging box Operation and Maintenance Network Seminar


This seminar will interpret the operation and maintenance of QSQSQ-lab xenon test chamber, and introduce the latest E model xenon test chamber. If you can't participate, just register our seminars, follow-up will be downloaded.

The QSQSQ-lab XUN-Anga Separation Tester, which can be developed by QSQSQ-lab, which can simulate full-spectral sun, high temperature and humid damage, can be in a few days or weeks , Reproduce the aging effect of the products for a few months or even years.

QSQSQ-lab xenon lamp aging box main model

QSQSQ-lab Xe-1 xenon lamp aging tank. It is a economical, multi-function, single-lamp tube, desktop flat xenon lamp test chamber. Can be installed directly in the room without exhausting.

QSQSQ-lab Xe-2 drum xenon lamp test chamber. It is the simplest structure, the most reliable, and the most convenient drum-type xenon lamp test chamber.

QSQSQ-lab Xe-3 xenon lamp aging machine. It is equipped with three xenon arc tubes, suitable for exposure tests for three-dimensional components with large dimensions.

Our experts will explain the operation and maintenance of QSQSQ-lab xenon test chambers in detail, and introduce our latest E model xenon test chamber. Looking forward to your participation.

Operation and Maintenance of QSQSQ-lab Xenon Test Chasson, January 27, 2021 Network Seminar

[ Seminar Time:
On April 27, 2021 (Tuesday) 10:00 am

Seminar Arrangement:

● Safety Notice ● Important components and systems

● Options such as water spray and air refrigeration system ● Precise light, temperature and water application control

● How Set a test, including sample installation, filter selection, and temperature control

● How to run a test, including test time, sample wheel exchange, etc.

● QSQSQ-lab simple and friendly calibration and maintenance operation


Network participation, please let the QR code to sign up! After the registration is successful, you will be submitted to the system, the only participation link in the message, and after 9:45 am on April 27 (Tuesday), you can click on the link to enter the venue. Looking forward to your participation!

If you can't participate, just register our seminars, follow-up will be downloaded.

Seminar cost: free

Organizer ● US QSQSQ-lab is a global material durability test product supplier.The ultraviolet aging test machine, xenon lamp testing machine, salt spray test machine is currently the highest-ended auditory experimental instrument, especially its QUV is the world's most widely aging test machine.

● Qinsun is the QSQSQ-lab in China and the Southeast Asian industry designated agent.Full support for this Seminafter.

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