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The difference between a black panel thermometer and a black standard thermometer for xenon arc lamp


The aging test of the xenon arc lamp is intended to simulate the photoaging phenomenon of materials in the natural environment, and the aging factors include temperature, humidity, light and water.

Material aging tests include ultraviolet aging, hot air aging, xenon arc lamp aging, moist heat aging, etc., among which xenon arc lamp aging is used to evaluate the material exposed to sunlight or sunlight filtered through glass in the actual use environment The natural aging effects occurring below.

Xenon arc lamp aging test chamber is the main testing equipment for material aging testing. Our Company Shanghai QINSUN Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. can deliver it. Welcome customers who need to inquire. The equipment is equipped with an artificial light source ----- xenon arc light source. The spectral berange includes ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light with wavelengths greater than 270 nm. to make adjustments. The test box should also be equipped with corresponding humidification and humidity control devices, allowing the test to be exposed to dry, mist, dew or soaked condition. In addition, the test box should also be equipped with temperature control and measurement equipment, and the temperature measurement equipment includes black panel thermometers and black standard thermometers.


The Black Panel Thermometer (BPT) is a relatively old thermometer that has been in use for decades and is still used in many standards. A commonly used black panel thermometer is composed of a stainless steel plate. The side of the stainless steel plate facing the light source is covered with a black flat paint. This black can absorb 90% of the total incident light flux within a wavelength of 2500nm. The temperature of hThe panel is measured by a bar-shaped bimetallic disc sensor or sensing resistance sensor mounted in the center of the illuminated surface of the panel and firmly bonded to the black exposed surface and blackened.

Black standard thermometer, the full name is black standard thermometer, also called BST. A standard black thermometer is essentially a modified black panel thermometer. The structure and testing principle are basically the same as the traditional black panel thermometer. The main body of the black standard thermometer is also a stainless steel plate, and the surface facing the light source is evenly coated with a layer of anti-aging black paint, which can absorb 95% of the light with a wavelength of less than 2500nm. A platinum resistance sensor is mounted on the backlight to measure the temperature of the board. At the same time, a detailed design is added to aan the backlight surface. This backlight surface is also 5mm thick and has a grooved surface close to it, leaving a gap of about 1mm. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the length and width of the entire base are large enough to ensure that there is no metal contact heat transfer between the metal plate of the black standard thermometer installed on the sample holder and the sample holder, and the metal frame or bracket on the sample holder and the thermometer. There must be at least 4 mm space between the edges of the sheet metal.

In general, the temperature measured by the black standard thermometer is higher than that measured by the black panel thermometer, and it is believed that the black standard thermometer is more suitable for measuring dark polymer samples with poor thermal conductivity

exposures temperature, and the black panel thermometer has been gradually replaced.


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