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Requirements for the purity of water used in water-cooled xenon lamp aging testers


The domestic water-cooled xenon lamp aging test machine is a domestic experimental equipment independently developed and produced by our company Shanghai QINSUN Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. It can be compared with ATLAS Ci4000 and used for testing solar photovoltaics, plastics, paints, packaging, auto materials and textile industries. Including the weather resistance of geotextiles, pigments, stabilizers, additives and other materials.

Main parameters:

01. Light source: a 6500W water-cooled xenon lamp tube;

02. Spectral range: full spectral sunlight;

03. Closed irradiation intensity control range: (307~


1356)W /m2 (300~800nm) (Boro/Boro internal and external filters, others see catalogue);

04. Irradiation accuracy: ±0.1W/m2 of the set value;

05. Uniform irradiance intensity on the sample surface: ≦±4%;

06. Irradiance control points: 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm, 400-750nm, etc. can be selected ;

07. Blackboard temperature closed-loop control range: BST: 40~120℃; BPT: 40~110℃;

08. Board temperature control accuracy: ±1℃;


09. Board temperature uniformity: ≦±2℃;

10. Closed loop temperature control range in the box: normal temperature to 90℃;

11. Inside the box Temperature control accuracy: ≤±2°C;

12. Control range humidity in the cabinet: Light cycle: 10%-75% (depending on the temperature) Dark cycle: until full;

13. Accuracy of humidity control in the cabinet: ≤± 5%;

14. The number of sample holders that can be loaded: 65 pieces, a total of 3 layers;

15. Sample holder size: SL-3T , 69×145×3 mm (width×length×thickness);

16. Total exposure area: 6500cm2.

In addition, the requirements for hThe use of water-cooled xenon lamp aging testers is much higher than that of air-cooled xenon lamp weathering testers.mbers, and pure water equipment is required. The test chamber can be sprayed with tap water. The water-cooled xenon lamp aging machine requires high water purity because the cooling lamp mainly uses the water from the air purifier. If the water quality is not good, limescale builds up, which affects the irradiation of the lamp.

1. The cooling water of the lamp should use deionized water, and tap water should not be used without permission. High water, when the lamp touchesIt causes damage to the lamp tube when fired. The temperature of the second water inlet should be less than 35°C, because the life of the xenon lamp tube will be shortened if the water temperature is too high. Cause secondary pollution of water quality.

2. The spray and humidification water in the water-cooledxenon lamp aging tester must be distilled water. If the general tap water sample is used, there will be a white substance wrapped on the surface. If the purpose of irradiation is not achieved, this substance is the water. Impurities in the vapor form a crystal called calcium magnesium after evaporation, so this requires the use of distilled water to ensure the consistency of the irradiation and to pass the test.

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