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Precautions for replacing the xenon lamp tube in the xenon lamp aging test chamber


The composition of each accessory and system of the xenon lamp aging test chamber has different functions. Among them, the xenon lamp tube of the xenon lamp aging test box is an indispensable part of the equipment. The operation of the entire test is due to the normal operation of the xenon lamp. Played a big reaction situation. QINSUN Instruments Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of textile testing instruments, which can provide equipment and lamps. Welcome customers who need to inquire.

The R&D technical engineer of the Standard Group said that some precautions are needed when replacing the xenon lamp tube in the xenon lamp aging test chamber.

1. The quartz shell should be kept clean and free from dirt. Of course, before lighting it must be wiped with alcohol cotton.

2. The xenon lamp is filled with gas under high pressure. Avoid collisions during loading, unloading, transports and installation. When working, it should be placed in good heat dissipation to avoid explosion, and strong light and strong ultraviolet rays will burn the skin and eyes.

3. When the current is high, the lamp base and the lamp holder should make good contact, and the contact point should be kept clean during use.

4. The xenon bulb must be used with its dedicated DC power supply and trigger. The ripple coefficient of the DC power supply should not exceed 7%, and the working current should be within the specified range when ignition, otherwise it will affect the lamp life.

Therefore, when replacing the xenon lamp tube, please do the above precautions one by one, according to the analysis of each step and the condition of the test in the xenon lamp aging test chamber


, the condition that can be presented will be more accurate and stmore stable than expected.

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