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Water-cooled xenon lamp aging test box 6-step leak detection


The water-cooled aging test chamber for xenon lamps can simulate the full sunlight spectrum, simulate the aging law of materials under different environmental conditions, and use it as a basis to evaluate the weather resistance of materials and their products. recognized in many industries application. QINSUN Instruments Co., Ltd. can warmly welcome customers who need to inquire. Our research and development engineer said that during long-term use of the xenon lamp aging test chamber, some failures such as leakage will occur. This article mainly introduces the 6-step leak detection of xenon lamp aging test chamber.

1. Pressure leak detection of the cooling system of the xenon lamp aging test chamber. It has been determined that the cooling system is dirty.

2. Frozen leak detection in the xenon lamp test box freezer: open the inspection cover on the back of the test box to bestbox, there is a low pressure tube, a capillary tube, and a low temperature chamber. Weld the low pressure pipe, the connection of the capillary, seal one end of the capillary, connect the weld seam of the low pressure pipe to a 5mm x 30mm copper pipe, and connect one end to a three-way valve (with a pressure gauge of 2 .4kg). Leakage: If the nitrogen seal is not tight, it means that the evaporator is leaking into the low temperature room.

3. Internal leakage of the evaporator of the xenon lamp test chamber: the low pressure tube, capillary tube, welded copper tube, low pressure tube and capillary tube welded to the back of the xenon lamp aging test chamber. It is used to repair the low pressure terminal interface of the compressor. It uses 5mm x 300mm copper pipe for welding, and the other end is connected to a three-way service valve (with a 2.4kg pressure gauge). For example, nitrogen is added to the system, the evaporatedr of the freezer and the exposed part of the compressor is condensed. Devices, filters, capillaries, solenoid valves and capillary binding lines, indicating that the pressure should be kept normal: if the nitrogen gas pressure leaks, it should be replaced by welding in time.

4. The cooling cycle of the xenon lamp aging test chamber. The schematic diagram shows that the evaporator of the low temperature cabinet consists of two parts, so the internal leakage must be inspected twice. First, the aluminum foil paper on the back of the BCD203B is uncovered, and the tube box is hidden at the bottom left, and there are two low-pressure copper tubes inside. Cup, push out the part of the welding head by hand, and weld the copper pipe joints, install quick couplings (or three-way valves) on the two copper pipe ports, and then weld the compressor return air pipe to quickly connect Back to the trachea.

5. Fill the two quick headerclearances (or three-way valves) with 1MPa compressed dry nitrogen

Lab, depends on whether the pressure drops when the gauge drops, is the following reduction of the greenhouse evaporator internal leakage.

6. However, when performing a stress test, pay attention to changes in the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature drops, the pressure cannot be kept constant.

The xenon lamp aging test is an important method of screening product ingredient formulas in the scientific research and production process, and it is also an important part of product quality inspection. Some common mistakes equipment operators need to learn more about!

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