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The aging of various types of products, which causes hundreds of millions of economic losses every year. Material damage caused by: discoloration, loss of light, strength, cracking, gum, powder, and oxidation. The main factors caused by the above damage are light (especially ultraviolet rays), high temperatures and wet conditions such as rainwater, dew and high humidity. In addition, light and moist will tend to have synergistic effects. Some materials are durability under the individual effects of illumination or humid conditions, but it will often fail under the synergistic effect of light and moisture.

QS-lab provides a series of test products and services to solve your product weather resistance and light stability. However, there is no test technology to meet all materials and applications. The way you choose depends on your testimony, time schedule, fund budget and test material. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, and users must learn how to make correct choices. Qinsun's 40-year professional agent sold the United States QS-lab QUV aging test chamber, including QUV / SE, QUV / Spray, QUV /

UV Basic and QUV / CW4 models. Welcome to call [400-6808-138]

Florida or Arizona outdoor exposure

Florida or Arizona outdoor exposure is the world baseline of light and wet test. Provide the most authentic prediction for product performance. However, exposure tests may take several years to complete.

Q-TRAC Natural Solar Tracking Polytelligent Exposure Device

Q-TRAC Natural Solar Tracking Polytelectric Exposure Device can enhance the irradiation in the test sample Natural sunlight, providing fast, natural test results. However, it is affected by seasonal changes and high temperatures.

QUV UV accelerated aging test machine

QUV ultraviolet accelerated aging test machine made the test faster economy. Fluorescence Ultraviolet lamps can best simulate ultraviolet bands in sunlight. However, QUV does not have a longer-band illumination required for certain material tests.

QUV UV accelerated aging test chamber

QS-lab xenon lamp test chamber

Q-sun xenon lamp test chamber can reproduce full spectral Solar light, including ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared rays. Especially suitable for test dyes, pigments, textiles, inks, and indoor materials. However, the xenon arc lamp is not as stable as the fluorescent ultraviolet lamp, and the water spray cycle is not as true as the condensation cycle of QUV.

QS-lab xenon aging test chamber

is very difficult to predict future, but understand yourselfOutdoor aging performance is extremely important.Because there is no laboratory test, we can reproduce all outdoors, we believe that all test procedures are based on the natural exposure of Florida and Arizona.These outdoor exposure is very cheap.At the same time, we recommend that you take at least an acceleration test, QUV, QS-lab or Q-TRAC.The accelerated test you choose must consider testing materials and end application environments.This combination test method allows you to confidence in the test.Natural outdoor exposure provides a solid foundation that accelerates the development of fast test data for new product development.

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