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Abnormal treatment method of compressor in xenon lamp aging test chamber


As the technology of the xenon lamp aging test chamber becomes more and more perfect, the efficiency of the refrigeration system has been improved to a higher level, so for the compressor, which is the core component of the refrigeration system, the failure probability and the failure frequency are greatly reduced. But once the compressor in the test box fails, it is a fatal failure for the equipment. The research and development engineer of Shanghai QINSUN Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. said that due attention should be paid to the failure of the compressor in the test box, and the following inspection steps and solutions should be strictly followed:

1. Xenon lamp aging box inspection Steps:

1. Check the location of the equipment, whether there is a position more than 30 cm away from the wall;

2. Whether there is an enclosed space around.

Second, the solution:

1. If not, hoKeep a distance of more than 30 cm around the machine. Due to poor heat dissipation, the operating current of the compressor will increase, resulting in the operation of the overcurrent protection device;

2. If the environment is a closed space, the temperature of the environment will rise, and the operating current of the compressor will increase. As a result, the overcurrent protection (heat accumulation) will work, so provide ventilation around;

3. After solving the above problems, install an overcurrent protection device under the three electromagnetic switches in the xenon lamp aging test room. (heat accumulating chamber). Press


Press the back button, if you hear a click, it means the compressor is overloaded too much , but it will return at this point. At this time, turn the setpoint to 1.25 times the rated current of the compressor.

If decompressor fromthe xenon lamp aging test chamber does not cause irreversible and serious failures and must be replaced and repaired. I believe that as long as we follow the above inspection steps and solutions, the common abnormal compressor problems will be solved.

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