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Carbon arc lamp artificial weathering test


The main factors simulating the natural climate environment in the artificial climate accelerated aging test are sunlight, temperature, rainfall, humidity, etc. The artificial climate aging test generally simulates the above factors, of which sunlight is an important factor. The light source is an important factor affecting the artificial weathering test. The artificial weathering test method is generally classified according to the light source. There are three commonly used carbon arc lamps, xenon arc lamps (xenon lamps for short) and fluorescent ultraviolet lamps.

Carbon arc lamp artificial weathering test:

The carbon arc lamp artificial weathering test is an artificial weathering test method that has been applied before. There are two types of open and sealed, and open carbon arc lamps are generally used. The carbon arc lamp mainly irradiates the surface ofthe sample through the flat glass filter through the carbon arc formed between two carbon rod electrodes. Carbon arc lamp simulation is poor and operation is difficult. It is required to replace the carbon rod every 48-72 hours, and the operating cost is high, so it is rarely used now. At present, there is a trend in the world to replace carbon arc light sources with xenon light sources. It is generally believed that the light source of the lamp is better at simulating natural sunlight. Plastic carbon arc lamp artificial weathering test method can refer to GB/T16422.4, IS04892.4 and ASTMG152, ASrrMG153, among which GB/T16422.4 is equivalent to IS04892.4.


Test example:

Sample preparation Sample preparation depends on test requirements, such as testing mechanical properties. The sample can be made into a standard sample by injection, mechanical processing, etc.; the appearance verandering can be used directly as a test sample.

b. Number of samples The number of samples is mainly determined by the test items of the samples and the sampling cycle. In general, at least one sample is required.

c. Adjustment of the condition before the test After the sample is prepared, it must be adjusted before it can be placed in the aging box for artificial weather aging test, otherwise the measured data will be inaccurate. The adjustment of the sample state should be carried out in accordance with the relevant standards of the test equipment.

Under the GB/T16422.4 standard, the following conditions apply:

(1) In the standard environment of 23°C, 50% RH or 27°C, 65% RV, set many 88 hours;

(2) Store at room temperature at 18-28°C for as much as 4 hours.

Test conditions:

Irradiation intensity In the artificial weathering test, the exposureradiation from the light source the main factor determining the degree of aging of the sample, the greater the exposure, the more severe the aging. In the test methods of different countries, there are generally regulations for bed irradiation intensities, including GB/T16422.2 stipulates that for the pass band between wavelength 290-800nm, the irradiation intensity of 550w/m2 is selected as the exposure intensity. The reference value of the dew test, the spectral irradiation intensity of 340nm is usually chosen as 0.5 w/m2nm as the irradiation intensity of the test; while the commonly used irradiance of ASTM G155 is 0.35 w/m2 nm (the spectral irradiance with a strength of 340 nm). The irradiation intensity should be set during the test according to the specific requirements.

b. Test temperature and humidity

(1) The test temperature is difficult to accurately measure the surface temperature of the sample, so the zblack standard temperature is used as the test temperature, and the black standard temperature is similar to the heat conductivity The temperature of the dark sample with poor performance, the black standard thermometer is placed on the sample holder and irradiated by the xenon lamp like the sample. In GB/T16422.2, there are 2 black standard temperatures available for selection: (65±3)°C and (100±3)°C. When the test temperature is high, the thermal aging effect of the sample is enhanced, causing the artificial temperature to change based on light. The nature of the weather aging test, in the actual test, the commonly used temperature is (65 ± 3) ° C, and the commonly used temperature of AsTMG155 is 63 ° C. The temperature of the black standard is different from the temperature of the sample chamber. The former is higher than the latter. The temperature of the sample chamber is generally set at about 40°C. In general, dThe temperature of the sample is between the temperature of the sample chamber and the temperature of the black standard. between.

(2) Test humidity The humidity specified in GB/T16422.2 is (50±5)% and (65±5)%. In actual testing (65 ± 5)% is generally used as the test value Humidity, the humidity value is not clearly specified in ASTM C155.

(3) The rainfall in the rain cycle test is to simulate the real rainfall in the atmospheric environment. The rainfall makes the sample subject to the alternating change of cold and heat, and can wash away the spots on the surface of the sample. Deionized water or distilled water is generally used for rainfall to prevent equipment corrosion. The precipitation cycle determined in GB/T16422.2 is: 18 minutes of precipitation/102 minutes of precipitation interval. The commonly used precipitation cycle of ASTM G155 is the same as that of GB/ "Lab Test Instrument" T16422.2 is the same.

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