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The reason why the xenon lamp aging tester is used in the material aging test


Materials are prone to aging in different environments, and the aging of different products causes economic losses of hundreds of millions of dollars per year. The material damage caused mainly includes: discoloration, loss of light, loss of strength, cracking, peeling, pulverization and oxidation. The main factors that cause material aging are light (especially ultraviolet rays), high temperatures and humid conditions such as rain, dew and high humidity, where light and humidity often have a synergistic effect. Some materials are durable under the single action of light or moisture, but under the synergistic effect of light and humidity they tend to fail. Xenon arc aging testing machine is an experimental instrument for material aging testing. QINSUN Instruments Co., Ltd. can deliver this. Customers in need are welcome to inquire. Why does the xenon-beye aging testing machine usually used for material aging testing? The answer is that humidity and relative humidity are important parameters for many material tests, and xenon arc aging chambers feature water mist and relative humidity control.

1. Moisture Simulation

The main factors causing material aging by xenon lamp aging box simulation are sunlight and humidity. and dew damage. The xenon lamp aging tester uses the xenon lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight and uses condensed moisture to simulate rain and dew. The tested material is placed in a specific temperature cycle of alternating light and moisture for testing. It can reproduce the hazards that occur outdoors for months or even years. The artificial accelerated aging test data can help select new materials, improve existing materials and improve theevaluate how changes in formulations affect the sustainability of products.

2. Relative humidity control

Many models of xenon lamp aging test chambers have relative humidity control. When materials are subjected to physical stress, they try to maintain a moisture equilibrium with the environment, at which point relative humidity can affect material degradation. Relative humidity also affects the rate at which samples dry. The water spray of the xenon lamp aging box uses pure water to spray directly to simulate the impact of outdoor moisture erosion. Water mist can be set to operate on


light or dark cycle. In addition to the oxidizing effect, water mist can cause thermal shock and/or mechanical corrosion.

The spectrum generated by the xenon arc test chamber is filtered toreduce unnecessary spectral components. By using different types of glass filters, different spectra can be obtained. Three types of commonly used filters are defined in ASTM G155: daylight, window glass, and extended UV filters.

There are different types of daylight, window glass and extensive UV filters. Most xenon arc test chambers simulate the effects of humidity through water mist or buzzer identity verification systems. The limitation of water spraying is that when water with a lower temperature is sprayed on the tested sample with a higher temperature, the temperature of the sample will be reduced accordingly, which can delay aging. However, water mist is quite good at simulating thermal shock and mechanical erosion.

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