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Xenon lamp aging test chamber is suitable for lamp tube


Most of the light sources in the xenon lamp aging test chamber use xenon lamp tubes, because the spectrum emitted by the xenon lamp is very close to sunlight, and most laboratories use it as a simulated outdoor light source for aging tests on industrial products.

The difference between ultraviolet fluorescent lamps and xenon lamps is that the power is limited, and ultraviolet fluorescent lamps are generally 5~100W. And the power of the xenon lamp can range from 10,000W to hundreds of thousands of W. The working temperature of the xenon lamp is very high, and it cannot be cooled by natural cooling alone, nor is it necessary to require forced cooling, and air-cooled or water-cooled can be used. That is why there are air-cooled xenon lamps and water-cooled xenon lamps on the market. The light output of xenon lamps is higher, about 24~37 lumens/watt, and the light output of water-cooled xenon lamps can reach up to60 lumens/watt, and the overall lifespan can be up to 3000 hours.

A 50,000-watt xenon lamp emits as much light as 1,000 100-watt fluorescent lamps or 90 400-watt high-pressure mercury lamps. Since the xenon lamp tube emits light close to


daylight, the xenon lamp aging test chamber can be used for fabric color testing, medicine, plastic aging test, paint light aging test, as artificial aging light source, simulated sunlight and so on.

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