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UV-ultraviolet accelerated weather resistance testing machine


UV Ultraviolet Accelerated Weathering Tester Use a special brand of UV ultraviolet lamps imported from the United States to simulate the light waves of sunlight, and use condensation and water spray to test the Simulate climates of dew and rain Truly reproduce the aging or damage of materials caused by the comprehensive climatic effects of different climate zones, such as sunlight, rain and water, and high humidity condensation. Damage types include discoloration, discoloration, loss of gloss, cracking, blurring, chalking, cracking, embrittlement, blistering, loss of strength, and oxidation. Uv Testing Machine, Uv Testing Machine, Uv Testing Machine are widely used in paints, coatings, outdoor color advertising, inks, dyes, textiles, automotive interior and exterior parts, plastics, printing and packaging and other industries.

1. Design and manufacture with reference to the following standards:

GB/T14522-93 "Plastic, Coating, Rubber Materials for Machinery Industry Products - Artificial Climate Accelerated Test Method"

GB/T16585-1996 "Test method for artificial weathering of vulcanized rubber (ultraviolet fluorescent lamp)"

GB/T16422.3-1997 "Test method for exposure to light sources in plastic laboratory" etc.

2. Specifications:

Temperature range: Normal temperature +10-70℃, Panel measurement range: 45-80℃, Humidity range: ≥90%RH

Working size: Approx. 1160× 450×500mm(W*H*D)

Temperature fluctuation/uniformity: ≤&plu

Lab Test Instrument


Humidity variation/uniformity: ≤±2%/≤±2%

Lamp center distance: 70mm (Center distance between test product and lamp: 50 ± 3 mm)

Lamp power: 40 W

UV wavelength: U.S. *UVA-340 (315~400 nm), UVB-313 (280~315 nm) (ooptional)

Support Pattern: Standard pattern size: 75mm x 140mm, 48pcs, 75mm x 280mm, 24pcs. (Non-standard size can be customized)

3. Functions:

1. Operating mode: program mode, fixed value mode

2. Setting method: Chinese menu, touch screen input

3. User interface language type: Chinese/English

4. Program editing: 120 program groups can be edited, each program group can be edited with 100 segments, and cycle operation can be set;

5. Lighting and condensation can be controlled independently. An alternative loop control is possible.

6. The control time can be set arbitrarily within 1000 hours.

7. Communication interface: (RS232/RS485, communication distance 1.2km [optical fiber up to 30km])

8. Auxiliary functions: error alarm and cause, processing prompt function, Trun Electrical protection function, timing function (automatic start and automatic stop operation), self-diagnosis function.

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