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Walk-in high-temperature aging room


Temperature range of high-temperature walk-in aging room: -40~120℃ is the customer's requirement for the temperature range of the equipment, and the size is based on that provided by the customer given inner box size, the large ones are made into ones that adults can enter, hence they are referred to as high and low temperature walk-in test chambers. The small ones are made into a type of box called a high and low temperature test box. The humidity range is from -40℃ to 120℃ of the customer, and each temperature in the middle can be kept constant or changed for testing. Of course, some customers who cannot meet this temperature range can also customize a larger temperature range like -70℃~150℃ or a smaller temperature range like -20℃~85℃ etc.


?It wIt is widely used in communications, optoelectronics, LED, electronics and other products (such as: optoelectronic products, complete computers or spare parts, monitors, touch screens, terminals, automotive electronics, motherboards, power supplies, monitors, switching chargers, mobile phones, computers, cameras, telephones, etc .) Simulate a high-temperature, low-temperature, high and low-temperature alternating, constant, cycle and other harsh environmental temperature test equipment, which are heavy-duty test equipment to improve product reliability and stability, and a important test for various manufacturers to improve product quality and competitiveness Links, High and low temperature walk-in test chambers, temperature range: -40 ~ 120 ℃ Widely used in manufacturing company laboratories, national metrology institutes, research institutes, university laboratories, third-party testing laboratories and other fields.

Device structure

The outer frame structure is made of double-sided color steel insulation panels, the size can be customized according to customer needs and configured according to different needs. The walk-in test box is mainly composed of box body, control system, heating system, cooling system, air circulation system, timing control system and test load.Through the high and low temperature aging test, defective products or defective parts can be checked, providing customers with an effective means to quickly find and solve problems, and fully improve customer's production efficiency and product quality.

Meet the standard:

GJB150.3 (ML-STD0-810D) High Temperature Test Procedure

GJB150 .4 (MIL-STD-810D) Low Temptur Test Procedure

GJB360.8-87 (MIL-STD-202f) High Temperature Life Test

GB/T5170.2-96 "Temperature Test Equipment"

Basic environmental test methods for electrical and electronic products Test A: Low temperature test methods GB 2423.1-89 (IEC68-2- 1)

Electrician Basic Environmental Test Methods for Electronic Products Test B: High Temperature Test Method GB 2423.2-89 (IEC68-2-2)

The performance indicators meet GB5170 , 2, 3, 5, requirements of 6-95 "Basic parameter verification methods of environmental test equipment for electrical and electronic products Low temperature, high temperature, constant humidity, changing humidity test equipment"



1 ) Der French Taikang complete A closed or German Bitzer refrigeration compressor unit is used as the core cooling configuration.

2) Sanwon TEMI880 from South Korea or OYO intelligent color touch screen temperature controller from Japan. With 232 communication interface or USB for direct data export, it can be connected to host computer for control and equipped with automatic temperature recorder. It has functions such as PID self-tuning, over-temperature protection and refrigerator phase loss protection.

3) The inner material of the test box is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the outer shell is made of high quality imported SUS304 grain surface stainless steel.

4) This test cabinet is easy to maintain and easy to operate, which is one of the key features of our company. The self-contained frame design makes the cooling systemm and the air system independent of each other; The maintenance and overhaul are carried out during the operation of the plant, the failure rate of the annual operation is small, the maintenance easier and faster.

Main technical parameters:

Product volume (m3): 8 cubic

Studio size (width W×height H×depth Dmm): 2000×2000×2000

Temperature range: -40℃~+120℃< /p>

Temperature variation: ≤±0.5℃ (Conforms to national standard)

Temperature uniformity: ≤2 ℃

Temperature deviation: ≤±2℃ at high temperature

At low temperature : ≤±3℃

If humidification is required, a relative humidity of 20~98%RH

If the Humidification function is needed, an errordisplayed at relative humidity: +2% RH

High Temperature Walk-In Aging RoomCustomer Service:

One ​​year warranty from the date of delivery, free maintenance during the warranty period and free lifetime technical support after the warranty expires! QINSUN has a full inventory of parts and components in its warehouse, and keeps a certain quantity of common maintenance parts and materials for various brands of equipment for a long time, as well as consumables and vulnerable parts of various types of equipment. Material preparation time during maintenance is greatly reduced. In accordance with the setting of long-term cooperation, we will provide you with the promised help. We will provide all customers with affordable prices and thoughtful and enthusiastic services, so that all customers have no worries. Welcome to the standardgen high and low temperature test chamber or the non-standard walk-in high and low temperature test chamber alternating damp heat test chamber, high and low temperature damp heat machine, high and low temperature impact test chamber, cold and heat impact test chamber and other testing equipment are available for consultation and purchase.



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