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النشرة الإخبارية Air Cooled Xenon Lamp Weatherability Test Chamber


Air-Cooled Xenon Lamp Weatherability Test Chamber is a machine that uses air to dissipate the overload heat given off by the xenon lamp tube. The xenon lamp aging test box is slightly cheaper. One or more air-cooled xenon lamp tubes are installed on top of the aging test chamber. In this system, its filter is flat, so it is sometimes called a flat xenon lamp aging test chamber. The filter is placed under the lamp tube, and the top and side of the test chamber are installed Uniformity of radiation distribution. Samples to be tested are placed on a sample grid shelf below the lamp tube. The flat sample grid layer is slightly tilted at a small angle to facilitate water flow when spraying water or condensed water.

The air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber is widely used to measure light stability and weather resistanceIt can be tested on industrial materials and industrial products because the spectrum emitted by the xenon lamp is very close to the full spectrum outdoors including ultraviolet light (UV), infrared (IR) solar spectrum and visible light. To obtain accurate and repeatable test results, any light stability or aging test must control light quality. Changes in light intensity affect the rate of damage to industrial materials, while changes in spectral energy distribution affect material degradation. speed and type. Therefore, this xenon lamp aging test chamber can bring predictive testing to customers very well.

Dongguan Qinsun Testing Instrument Co.,Ltd. manufactured Xenon Arc Aging Test Chamber is manufactured in strict accordance with national standards. All Xenon Arc Aging Test Chambers can provide precise control of test parameters includingi irradiance, spectrum, relative humidity, cabinet temperature and black panel/black mark temperature, besides it is equipped with water spray function and condensation function.

Technical Parameters:

1. Model: LQ-XD-252 Remarks vary by size and model, please consult to The seller

confirms the right instrument model for him.

2. Xenon lamp box studio size: W600*H600*T700, other special sizes can be customized by QINSUN manufacturers.

3. Temperature Range: RT+10℃~+80℃ Panel Temperature: RT+10℃~+100℃ (Air Cooled)

4. Humidity Range: 60%~98% RH , when the xenon lamp does not work, the wide range can reach 20% ~ 98% RH

5. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5 °C (meets national standards/industry standards)

6. Temperature uniformityit: ±2.0 °C (meets national standards/industry standards)

7. Glass window filter: 3 pieces

8. Xenon lamp tube: imported or domestic air-cooled lamp tube can be selected

9. Quantity of xenon lamp: at least 1, increase or decrease according to different size and power

10. Xenon lamp power: 1.8KW/each

11. Distance between sample holder and xenon lamp: 230~280mm (conform to national standard/industry and other standards)

12. Wavelength: 290~800nm

13. Illumination cycle is continuously adjustable, time: 1~999h,m,s

14. Irradiance: The average irradiance between 290nm and 800nm ​​wavelength is 550W/㎡

The protection devices of air-cooled xenon lamp weather resistance test chamber include: phase protection device, cooling system overpressure protection device, fan overheating protection device, cooling system overload protection device, overtemperature protection devicez device and other devices such as leakage and water shortage indicator. After a fault alarm occurs, the device will automatically stop to avoid loss of control and cause greater damage.

The main factors for material aging in the air-cooled xenon lamp aging test chamber are sunlight and moisture hazards from dew. Simulate the effects of sunlight with xenon lamps, and rain and dew with condensed moisture. Tested materials are placed in a light-humidity cycle at a specific temperature for testing and can be reproduced outdoors in a few days. When exposed to months or even years of exposure, data from artificially accelerated aging tests can help select new materials to replace existing materials modify and evaluate how formulation changes affect product lifespan.

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